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How to Make Your Dorm Look and Feel Bigger

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University dorms are known for being notoriously small -- not to mention drab. However, with some tricky decorating tips and smart organization skills your dorm has the functionality to look and feel bigger than it actually is.

When it comes time to unpack and decorate your dorm, help expand the space visually by keeping in mind to:

Use vertical space wisely

Don't forget that the real world is three-dimensional and you can decorate up as well as sideways. It's one of the reasons architects started designing skyscrapers, taking advantage of little used air space. Not only will using this tactic save you valuable floor space but it was also make your dorm look bigger.
  • Suggest to your dormmate that you loft your beds, giving you the ability to move your desks underneath the frame, freeing up space
  • Similarly, both you and you dormmate may bunk your beds to take advantage of the height of the room
    • Avoid this option if you and your roommate cannot agree who should have which bunk (top or bottom)

Think about light and mirrors

You've heard of magicians using smoke and mirrors to create illusions, and the same can be achieved in your dorm room by utilizing light and mirrors. Much as mirrors will reflect off the space and deceive you into thinking its bigger, light (preferably natural light) will also deceive you psychologically into thinking the area is much larger.

Even better, a combination of mirrors and light work together, with the light bouncing off the mirrors in your university dorm room to help fool you and guests.

TIP: If you plan to decorate your walls to make the cement less depressing, stay away from dark posters which could have your dorm feeling smaller and cave-like.

Take control of the clutter

One of the easiest ways to keep your room looking and feeling bigger is to keep it clutter free (see the suggestions above) and clean. Meaning no piles or stacks of clothing laying around.

Our apologies to those of you who prefer organized chaos, but the more of a mess you have on your floor and the surfaces of your room and the smaller it will look and feel.

Utilize storage solutions

There's a reason they make storage solutions specifically for university dorm rooms, and that reason is to help create some much needed space in your current living situation.

To help keep you organized and to save space consider looking into:
  • Under the bed storage (for if you have not lofted your dorm bed, use a combination of bed risers and storage containers)
  • Shower caddies to keep your toiletries organized
  • Closet organizers to help in keeping your clothes and accessories under control
  • Multipurpose furniture that doubles as both furniture and functional storage solutions
  • Behind the door storage that takes advantage of this very under-used space
  • Collapsible hampers are the perfect college dorm accessory
  • Free-standing shelving can also be extremely helpful in small spaces

Minimalism is key

Most importantly, remember that less is more. The less furniture and belongings you have and the bigger your university dorm will look. When packing for move-in day, stick to the essentials and avoid the non-essentials. It's as simple as that.

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on August 26, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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