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How University Move-In Day Works

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The big day has finally arrived! You are moving into your dorm at university today. Do you remember all of the orientation, letters, and pamphlets given to you to prepare you for today? Of course you don't. Luckily, this guide will help you understand how move-in day at a university works.

Know your designated place and time

It is staggering to think about the logistics involved with having several hundreds, if not thousands, of kids moving into a place at the same time. Most universities have a few different move-in days and different time blocks for check-in because of this. Be sure you are moving on the right day, and planning to arrive during the right time block.
  • Don't arrive early expecting to unpack early, you will not be allowed into your dorm unless you are there during the scheduled time block
  • The move-in times are usually scheduled by graduating class and residence hall, so if you lost or forgot your assignments, you can always check which day your building or your year is moving in
  • Be sure to know where the designated drop-off area is for your residence hall--organized universities should have all of this well labelled on move-in day, but it never hurts to know beforehand
  • A week or so before move-in day, visit the school website or call to confirm that time or place assignments haven't changed for move-in day--occasionally they will change due to the massive undertaking that the move-in period is for the school 

Be ready for some paperwork

As you check in to your residence, you will be required to fill out and hand in billing and insurance forms. If you are able to get access to these before move-in day, it would be in your best interest to fill them out ahead of time. This will help you get to the physical move-in process faster.

Find Your RA (Residence Assistant/Adviser) 

At this point you should also have found your RA. This usually older student is in charge of your dorm and will help all the new arrivals, yourself included, understand where to go and when. Any questions you have about the move-in process should be addressed to him. He'll be glad to help since he's getting credit for assisting you.

Have your parents or friends or family drive and help you

You will need a ride to the school since you probably aren't allowed to drive yourself. Even if you do have a parking pass, any car big enough to transport all of your belongings should probably not be kept on campus. Your parents, siblings, or friends should go with you on move-in day to help you both physically and emotionally.
  • They can help carry your things
  • They can tend to the car as you move items from the vehicle to your dorm
  • They can say goodbye one last time as they help you get ready to live away from home (for a few months at least)

Use the moving services provided by the school

Even with the help of friends and family, moving heavy objects through narrow halls and up stairways can become quite difficult. Most universities have teams of moving helpers and carts and dollies to help facilitate the moving process. Don't be shy and employ them. It is not easy for someone to lug a microwave out of a car, down a hall, and up three flights of stairs without help. Dollies are very helpful, but may be hard to grab in the moving day chaos. Claim one as soon as you can.

Try to coordinate with your roommate

Hopefully, you and your roommate have already discussed some things before move-in day. Try to stagger your arrival time to avoid your cramming your dorm with two families moving in items at the same time.

Once you are moved in, say good-bye to your family and politely kick them out. You need the time and space to unpack and create the dorm layout with your roommate.

Once you're unpacked, you are officially moved in! There are more things to do after the move, but take the rest of move-in day to relax and get to know your roommate and the area. After all, this will be home for a while.

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on August 26, 2014 - Moving Expert
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