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Keeping in Touch with Friends After Moving to University

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Moving away to university doesn't mean you have to end your friendships. There are plenty of ways to keep in touch with friends after you've moved away from home and into university housing.

Get social

If you're worried about keeping in touch with friends from home while you're at school, worry no more. This is the twenty-first century, man! Not only do we have computers and cellular telephones -- we also have something called social media, and it's available via the internet, even from your smartphone. (I know! Crazy, right?)
  • Connect with your friends on Facebook and Instagram. Most of your friends probably use these social media tools on a daily basis, so it shouldn't be that hard to keep in touch with them after your move. Facebook is usually the best way to stay in the loop while you're away at university, and Instagram is a great way to visually keep up with friends and trends.
  • Follow friends on Twitter. Do you tweet? Well, now's a good time to start. Many of your friends from home are going to be tweeting about recent developments in their lives -- whether they are still living in your hometown or away at a different university. Use Twitter to keep up with them and share relevant articles, resources, etc.

Get talking

Did you know that those phones we use to access Facebook and Twitter -- yeah, those things basically attached to our hands -- also make phone calls? (I know! Crazy, right?)
  • Drop your friends a line. It's nice to hear each other speak every so often, and phone calls are much closer to face-to-face communication than social media.
  • Use video chat. The closest thing to seeing your friends in-person is definitely video chat. Download Skype to chat with your friends and actually see them, or use tools like Google Hangouts and FaceTime.

Get together

Like I said before, moving to university doesn't mean your friendships are over. When you are home for a long weekend or between semesters, use your time wisely.
  • Schedule times to meet up. Make sure you coordinate schedules so you can hang out with friends when everybody is home from school. You can also organize reunions once or twice a year to catch up with your old group of friends. Sure, everybody is moving on to a different phase of their lives, but that doesn't mean you can't stay in touch.
  • Visit friends at school. Can't make it home the same weekend as a friend? Go visit! Exploring other university campuses is great experience, and you get to do it all while catching up with an old friend. Make sure you have some friends come visit you, too!
  • Organize a vacation. When spring break or summer vacation rolls around, you should try to get all of your friends on the move. Head to a tropical location and enjoy the beach, rent a lake house or cabin, or take an overnight trip somewhere fun. University is the best time to experience new things.

It is important to keep in touch with your high school friends from home while you explore the new world of university living. However, it is also important not to let this prevent you from making new friends. Good luck at school!

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on October 29, 2014

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