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Making Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

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Moving away to university can be a stressful experience that brings about feelings of ennui and homesickness. One easy way to combat this after you move is by making your new dorm room feel like your old room back home.

Here are a few tips for bringing the familiar feelings of home into your new living space.

Think about your comfort-level

Since you will be spending a lot of time in your dorm room, you might as well make it a comfortable space to live in. When purchasing items for your room, do not forget to make your university space warm and inviting with:
  • Comfortable bedding (this includes comforters, pillows, mattress toppers, sheets, etc.)
  • A soft rug or carpet
  • Warm, cozy slippers and/or socks for walking around your shared dorm space
  • Plenty of lighting so it won't feel like you live in a cave

Re-use familiar belongings

Nothing brings about feelings of comfort than familiar stimuli. Meaning, don't re-buy everything you need for your dorm move, bring some things from home so the space doesn't feel entirely alien to you.

Some comforting items to consider bringing include:
  • Your favourite book, movie or CD
  • The pillow or pillows from your bed at home
  • A comforting blanket for lounging around in
  • Posters and other decorations from your old room

Give your dorm a personal touch

With their cold white walls and preference for painted cement, dorm rooms can feel anything but homey. Make your dorm feel more liveable and less prison-like by adding personal touches.
  • Use your belongings (like the aforementioned bedding, lighting and rugs) to add a bit of colour to the drab space
  • Hang up posters and mirrors to brighten up the space and make your dorm room yours 
  • Add some potted plants to bring a little life into the room

TIP: In the midst of your decorating, keep in mind not to do anything that will cause damage to the walls, floors or provided furnishings. This is a surefire way to not receive your full damage deposit back.

Bring photos

It may sound cheesy to you while you pack, but bring photos of your family and friends with you when you move. And not just in digital form either.

Be sure to pack some tangible pictures of your loved ones that you can place in picture frames or hang on a bulletin board above your desk for when you find yourself missing them.

Pack a few momentos

As with packing familiar belongings, bring some mementos along during your move to university to remind you of home.
  • A scrapbook containing important memories
  • A family photo album
  • Something that holds special meaning to you

TIP: While keeping these suggestions in mind, remember not to bring anything too expensive or irreplaceable with you into your dorm. Chances are your dormmate will invite people who are strangers to you into your living space.

Keep it organized

You will have to keep your dorm liveable and functional. Of course, this means many things to many different people, but since you will be living in such a small space you will want to keep yourself as organized as possible. Especially in and around your homework space.

Not only will this make your living situation better, but it will help you succeed in the upcoming semester at university -- specifically because you will be focused on your schoolwork rather than the chaos of your room.

Stick to these suggestions and before you know it your dorm room won't feel like an unfamiliar space any longer. Sure, it may not feel entirely like home, but a little slice of home is better than no home at all.

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on August 18, 2014

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