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Things You Cannot Move Into Your University Dorm

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Despite how university dorms may be portrayed on television shows and in the movies, there are still rules when it comes to dorm life, and a vast majority of these rules pertain to items you cannot move into or keep in your dorm room.

Why items are restricted

As with any other rules in your life, universities have a good reason for limiting what you are allowed to bring with you. Some common reasons for items being restricted include:
  • The items in question are illegal, whether due to your age or the laws of your territory
  • They are a potential fire hazard and/or are flammable
  • Your belongings can cause damage to the walls, floor or university-owned dorm furniture

What items are restricted

Below you will find the most common items that you are restricted from moving into your dorm.

However, this list is by no means extensive and you should check with your university before move-in day to verify their policies.
  • Hot plates - unfortunately, thanks to this very common 'no hot plate rule' for dorm rooms, the fire hazard that is the hot plate is banned, forcing you to rely on the university provided food, eating out or cooking with Chef Microwave
  • Candles and incense - as with hot plates, candles and incense are banned because they are potential fire hazards, incense is also looked down upon for its often strong odor
  • Space heaters and electric blankets - yes it can get cold in the winter, but that's why you should pack a warm and comforting blanket that reminds you of home over a potential fire hazard
  • Pets - as much as you love Fido or Fluffy or whomever, pets are not permitted in dorm rooms and it is not advised to sneak them in
  • Drugs and alcohol - illegal drugs as well as alcohol is generally banned from all university campus property, illegal drugs for obvious reasons and alcohol because not all students on the property may be of age
  • Cigarettes - as with incense, cigarettes are banned due to their strong odor and the damaging effects they cause to those around you (not to mention your own health)
  • Waterbeds - sorry anyone who still has a waterbed, if you were to bring this to school and it burst, you would be in for a world of trouble
  • Nails and screws - it's tempting to want to hang up your belongings properly, but nails and screws especially do damage to your dorm walls; instead of choosing this banned item, go for a non-damaging solution to hanging up posters and other belongings
  • Wall-decorating fabrics - sure, fabric on the walls to decorate or for use as a make-shift divider may look pretty, but it's also seriously flammable (especially if your dormmate is using any of the restricted fire hazards above)
  • Your significant other - cohabitation is often not allowed in dorms for obvious reasons, aside from it being extremely unfair to your dormmate

Research your dorm policies

Oftentimes, dorm inspections are implemented to ensure your safety as well as those of your fellow students. The last thing you want is to get in trouble for having restricted belongings in your dorm -- or not receive your damage deposit back for ruining university property -- especially when you could have easily avoided the problem with a little bit of research prior to your move.

For a specific list of what items you can and cannot move into your dorm, check with your university first as policies differ from place to place.

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on August 19, 2014 - Moving Expert
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