How to Time Your Dorm Move

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Timing Your Move into a Dorm

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Timing is everything. You may have heard this phrase before, perhaps from your teachers, your parents or an ex who thought you should "take a break." The fact is, proper timing is an essential part of a successful move to university housing (as well as an acceptable excuse to break up, apparently).

Coordinate with your roommate(s)

Get in touch with whomever you will be rooming with during the upcoming school year. Find out when your roommate is moving into the room so you can plan your move-in day accordingly. Typically, you'll want to arrive around the same time as your roommate; however, you'll definitely want to plan to show up slightly before or after. This slight variation in timing is important because it gives your roommate enough time to finish moving in before you begin your transition. Also, your roommate's helpers will be out of the way by the time you start unpacking. This method also works in the reverse scenario, if you plan on arriving first.

Listen to your school's suggestions

Usually, your university will provide a time frame during which students are expected to arrive for move-in day. The school will also give recommendations about when to arrive within that span, as well as travel suggestions and dorm moving tips. Since you are moving into university housing, it's often a good idea to pay attention to these recommendations. After all, who knows a university's policies and restrictions better than the university itself?

That brings us to another point: school policies. Some universities have restrictions on what you can move into your dorm, as well as policies for the moving procedure as a whole. Perhaps you are only allowed a certain amount of helpers at your dorm, or maybe you are only allotted a specific amount of time to complete your move-in process. This is common with universities that enjoy a high volume of students who live on campus.

You'll definitely want to show up closer to the beginning of your school's suggested time frame. This will give you a sufficient amount of time to move in, fill out any necessary paperwork and get settled into your new living quarters.

Schedule around your moving help

Regardless of what your school's restrictions are on bringing friends and family to help, you should at least be allowed to bring your parents and siblings. This is significant because these people will be your moving help. Though you might not be compensating these individuals for their hard work with any form of monetary payment, their time and effort should be greatly appreciated.

So, while sticking as closely as you can to your roommate's schedule and your university's recommendations, plan your move at a time that is convenient for your family. Most of the time, your family will plan their whole weekend around your university move-in day, but sometimes schedules get busy -- especially if you have multiple siblings.

If you've enlisted cousins or friends to help, the same is true. Time your move to university housing convenient for them, and be sure to thank them for helping out. Perhaps you will be asked to help them in the future.

Timing is everything

When you heard your teachers or your parents or your ex-significant-other say this expression, you may have shrugged it off as insignificant. But now that you're planning a dorm move, you need to understand just how important timing actually is. So many factors go into planning a successful university move -- especially one with minimal stress -- and coordinating your timing with your roommates, your university and your moving help can make all the difference.

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on November 13, 2014 - Moving Expert
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