Items You Shouldn't Bring When Moving to University

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What Not to Move to University

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Moving from your home to a university dorm is especially troublesome, because while you want to be prepared for every eventuality, you also don't want to over pack and bring too much with you.

With that in mind, here's what not to bring to university to help lighten your moving day load.

Restricted items

Depending on the university of your choice, there will be rules and regulations to follow to avoid expulsion. Check your dorm rules first before buying supplies and packing for school to see what you cannot bring with you.

Some commonly restricted items include:
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Hot plates
  • Coffee makers
  • Toasters and toaster ovens
  • Candles and incense

Your entire wardrobe

It can be tempting to pack clothing for all occasions and every single season just in case something comes up, but it's important to remember that you will be returning home throughout the school year -- especially if your university is close to home and you can return outside of breaks and at the end of the semester.
  • Pack the essentials such as undergarments, jeans, a few choices in shoes and a selection of tops
  • Limit clothing you don't plan to wear that often (such as formal wear)
  • Only move seasonal clothing you will need before you return home (for example, only things you will require for one semester)
    • Swap your clothing out for more seasonally-appropriate items when you are able

Duplicate belongings

Once your dormmate has been chosen (or you've chosen your own dormmate) ask them what they plan to bring with them. A great way to save on room -- not to mention cash -- is to divide the items you should buy for your university move, particularly large and expensive items.

All forms of entertainment

Sure you will want to be entertained while away at university, but that doesn't mean move every single form of entertainment you own into your dorm with you. There's just not enough room for that. Or free time.
  • Convert all music into a digital format to help lighten the contents of your move
  • Select only a small handful of books to accompany you
    • Choose no more than you think you will read before you visit home again
  • Limit movies as much as possible by bringing only the ones you will watch more than once
    • You can also rely solely on video streaming services for your entertainment
  • At most, bring one video game console and only a few games to save room and help avoid distraction
  • Avoid expensive electronics that you will have to worry about being stolen

TIP: Having trouble deciding what to bring and what to leave? Consider going digital with books, movies and video games to save on room in your dorm. Download/upload whatever you think you may need before your move without having to worry about taking up tangible space.

Things you can find on campus

Remember, just because you're moving into an empty dorm doesn't mean your college won't have services available to help limit what you plan to move with you.

Don't be shy about taking advantage of:
  • On-campus computer labs for printing purposes
  • Convenience stores to purchase drinks and snacks
  • Your university or public library for loaning out school or non-school books
To ultimately help decide what to bring and what not to bring with you to university, follow the above suggestions and continually ask yourself during the packing and moving process, "Do I need this?" or "Will I use this?" If the answer is "no," it's best to leave these items at home -- you'll see them again, eventually.

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on August 11, 2014 - Moving Expert
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