What to Do When Items Don't Fit in Your Dorm

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What to Do with Things That Don't Fit in Dorm

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Moving to university is a daunting task, and sometimes not all of your belongings will fit into your dorm room. So, pack as light as you can and be prepared to deal with these situations on moving day to facilitate your transition into university housing.

Return them home

Depending on a handful of factors, you may be able to safely return your items to their rightful location. This is the ideal situation when you realize you've overestimated the size of your dorm room. However, on moving day -- the proverbial "crunch time" -- you may not have all of these options:
  • Let your parents take them home. If your parents came to your university to help move you into school, then you have the luxury of sending whatever doesn't fit into your dorm home with them. Of course, this depends on the size of the items and the amount of space your parents have in their vehicle. But this is usually the best option, when available.
  • Drive the items home yourself. If you are allowed to have your car on campus, then you can always drive the items home in your spare time or on a weekend. This is assuming that your university is local to your parents' house.
  • Ship them home. If you are attending school a long distance from home, then you may want to ship your items back. This option depends on the size of the items, as well as your financial means.

Sell them

If your extra items are not sentimentally valuable, then you may be able to sell them. Depending on the item and its condition, you can earn some extra cash for your semester at school. Every university student could use some extra spending money, so this might be your best option if you don't mind parting ways with the item. Selling belongings that won't fit into your university housing assignment is also a great way to meet other students. Some students may have the opposite problem; maybe they didn't bring enough for their dorms and you could have something they need. Perhaps you'll make some friends in your dorm building.

Donate them

If you can't return the items home and you cannot find another student to buy them, then you always have another option. Aside from throwing the items away -- it's always a shame to trash something you or your parents have paid for -- you might be able to donate them. Ask around your university to see if they collect extra dorm items for students who are in need. You can also investigate local charities to see if any of your items might be useful for less fortunate residents of the community. If you have no space and/or no use for any of the items you tried to move into your university housing, then at least somebody will get to use them.

How to avoid this situation altogether

If you'd like to avoid having extra items on move-in day, here is what you can do:

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on November 24, 2014

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