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Centennial Moving Systems
 89% Recommended

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Year of Estd.:1/8/1998
Centennial Moving Systems
210 Willmott St. #4,P.O. Box 1004
Cobourg, ON K9A 4W4
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Toll Free: 866-574-1967
Phone: 416-232-1967
Fax: 905-372-7048
Url: http://www.centennialmoving.ca

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As smooth as possible
Relocated for work from Calgary to Toronto. Everyone I dealt with was really professional. John who generated the quote and Trey,our move coordinator did an outstanding job. With a move... more

Reviewed on: 6/17/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Calgary
    Destination : Toronto
  • Quoted Price : $1,930.00
    Actual Price : $1,930.00

Timely assistance
I can't forget in a hurry how Centennial movers carried out my long distance move for me. I needed to relocate my home to Montreal and I almost settled for another company which charged... more

Reviewed on: 6/5/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Toronto, ON
    Destination : Toronto, ON
  • Quoted Price : $1,210.00
    Actual Price : $1,210.00

Strong recommendation
If you want a good balance of efficiency and cost, then centennials the company for ya. Great customer service. Fast and careful movers. Overall I was really impressed! I would strongly... more

Reviewed on: 5/15/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Winnipeg, NB
    Destination : Toronto, ON
  • Quoted Price : $1,710.00
    Actual Price : $1,710.00

Mission accomplished
Moving from Calgary to Toronto is not so easy! But centennial coped with the mission in the best possible manner. They are real professionals in this sphere. Leaving it to them was the best... more

Reviewed on: 4/24/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Calgary, AB
    Destination : Calgary, AB
  • Quoted Price : $1,710.00
    Actual Price : $1,710.00

Pleased with outcome
From the beginning to the end Centennial were absolutely brilliant. The sales office handled me the right way. The guys came with all the necessary packing supplies on the day of the move.... more

Reviewed on: 4/10/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Quebec city, Quebec to Toronto, ON
    Destination : Quebec city, Quebec to Toronto, ON
  • Quoted Price : $1,100.00
    Actual Price : $1,100.00

Made to feel at ease
Great customer service and totally efficient movers. I called the office and they assisted me in estimation of price/duration. My girlfriend is pregnant and I am busy with work,so it was... more

Reviewed on: 4/3/2019

Compliment 4.2/5
  • Origin : On
    Destination : BC
  • Quoted Price : $930.00

Handled well
If you ever had the experience of moving in the past, you will realize how very highly strung out you and everybody else in the process can get and this will lead you to try and get it... more

Reviewed on: 4/1/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Avonlea, PE
    Destination : Avonlea, PE
  • Quoted Price : $1,340.00
    Actual Price : $1,340.00

Best Value
Used Centennial for a move between Toronto and NY. A concise and simple estimate was provided, that proved to be fairly accurate. Two real professional guys made the move that we required... more

Reviewed on: 3/26/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Toronto, ON
    Destination : Toronto, ON
  • Quoted Price : $1,170.00
    Actual Price : $1,170.00

That's what I call service
We had the best long distance relocation. Centennial will now forever be my default choice. All staff from the office to the movers were really positive and nice to work with. i was so... more

Reviewed on: 3/13/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Toronto, ON
    Destination : Toronto, ON
  • Quoted Price : $1,640.00
    Actual Price : $1,640.00

Checklist fulfilled
Office staff communicative, efficient and friendly - Check! %0d%0aMovers efficient, thoughtful and punctual - Check! %0d%0aPricing clarified and reasonable - Check! %0d%0aPricing clarified... more

Reviewed on: 2/20/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Thunder Bay, ON
    Destination : Thunder Bay, On
  • Quoted Price : $1,340.00
    Actual Price : $1,340.00

Short notice transfer
Its very seldom seen that movers can grant you such a short notice transfer that is without a load of stress. But these guys showed expert skills, that meant I didn't have to worry about a... more

Reviewed on: 2/18/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Mississauga, ON
    Destination : Mississauga, ON
  • Quoted Price : $2,910.00
    Actual Price : $2,910.00

Price matched by service
To be honest. I had no idea what to expect when hiring centennial for my move. the quote seemed very reasonable, but sometimes a great price does not always go hand in hand with great... more

Reviewed on: 2/3/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Moncton NB
    Destination : Toronto ON
  • Quoted Price : $735.00
    Actual Price : $735.00

2 bedroom
If you require my opinion about Centennial moving, then I would say that this is a well organized company who knows how to respect its customers in every way. I had a comfortable and... more

Reviewed on: 1/31/2019

Compliment 3.0/5
  • Origin : Charlottetown
    Destination : Toronto
  • Quoted Price : $1,820.00
    Actual Price : $1,820.00

Full diligence
My moving experience has been an easy transition. Oleg made this very smooth with his attitude and honesty. I was extremely stressed, but they were so swift. Trying very hard to meet my... more

Reviewed on: 1/18/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Quebec
    Destination : Ontario
  • Quoted Price : $1,620.00
    Actual Price : $1,620.00

Pleased with the effort - LD
Was delighted with the work that this company provided to make my move run smoothly. I had to reset my inventory a few days before pick-up and Centennial allowed me to do this, my price... more

Reviewed on: 1/11/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : New Brunswick, NS
    Destination : Toronto, ON
  • Quoted Price : $1,950.00
    Actual Price : $1,950.00

First time excellence
I just wanted to say thank you to the whole team. They did a fantastic job. From Max who took the booking to Trey in dispatch. they were so helpful and informative. The moving men were also... more

Reviewed on: 1/10/2019

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Fredericton, NB
    Destination : Toronto, ON
  • Quoted Price : $1,450.00
    Actual Price : $1,450.00

From Barrie to Toronto
I had a good experience using this company from a 4 bed bungalow in Barrie to a 2 bed townhouse in Newmarket. they were very careful with my furniture and delicate sculptures and they were... more

Reviewed on: 12/12/2018

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Barrie, ON
    Destination : Newmarket, ON
  • Quoted Price : $940.00
    Actual Price : $940.00

My first long distance move, even my first time using a moving company. extremely pleased. the movers were so friendly, it was like moving with friends and family. Everyone was very... more

Reviewed on: 12/6/2018

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Fort Severn, ON
    Destination : Kingston, On

  • Actual Price : $1,850.00

Great Service
Centennial executed a flawless long distance move for us. Great service all the way through the move. Careful packing and unpacking of all my various glass items such as mirrors, tables and... more

Reviewed on: 12/6/2018

Compliment 3.0/5
  • Origin : Winnipeg
    Destination : Toronto

  • Actual Price : $1,820.00

highly recommend!
This was my first time moving with Centennial and they didn`t disappoint. They made my long distance move a seamless experience. Dan and Andrew were the ultimate duo managing the complex... more

Reviewed on: 11/23/2018

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : PEI
    Destination : North York ON
  • Quoted Price : $1,150.00
    Actual Price : $1,350.00

extremely pleased
%0d%0aI had Daniel and his team complete a move for me last month and they were fantastic. These man move fast and treat you with respect. I was worried about my TV as i paid a lot of money... more

Reviewed on: 11/23/2018

Compliment 4.0/5
  • Origin : QC
    Destination : Ontario
  • Quoted Price : $2,400.00

I produced a short list of companies and then enquired about obtaining an on-site estimate, only a couple of them agreed. Centennial were the best as they really listened to my needs and as... more

Reviewed on: 11/15/2018

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Ottawa, ON
    Destination : London, ON
  • Quoted Price : $1,300.00
    Actual Price : $1,300.00

From Calgary to Toronto
We did a long distance move from Calgary AB to Toronto ON. A very reasonable price was given according to the weight. We had some really fragile china which they professionally packed for... more

Reviewed on: 10/31/2018

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Calgary, AB
    Destination : Toronto, ON
  • Quoted Price : $1,800.00
    Actual Price : $1,800.00

Ontario to Vancouver
I would like to thank Centennial moving for making my move from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Vancouver, B.C., a wonderful experience. Everything went smoothly and as planned. I want to thank you... more

Reviewed on: 9/18/2018

Compliment 3.0/5
  • Origin : Toronto
    Destination : Vancouver
  • Quoted Price : $2,400.00
    Actual Price : $2,400.00

Wonderful job
I really don`t know how they got all my stuff to fit on the truck. These guys must be experts at Tetris!!! Wonderful job guys!

Reviewed on: 9/17/2018

Compliment 5.0/5
  • Origin : Etobicoke, ON
    Destination : Milton, ON
  • Quoted Price : $850.00
    Actual Price : $850.00
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Owned and operated by the Valois family of Cobourg, Ontario, Centennial Moving Systems is proud to be one of Canada’s premier independent moving companies offering coast-to-coast relocation services.

Our success has come through the range of services we have to offer our customers combined with the knowledge and flexibility to make them work. Whether you need help with packing a few fragile items, valuable pictures or a complete household, we have the materials and manpower to help. We have flexible delivery schedules and heated indoor storage facilities should the need arise.

Above all, with over 35 years in the business, we personally understand the stress that a long distance move can put on individuals and families. So give the stressful part of your move to Centennial Moving Systems and enjoy what can be one of the most exciting new beginnings of a lifetime. We sincerely believe that we move people, not just furniture

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Centennial Moving Systems

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