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Our customer's feedback is extremely valuable to us and to the moving companies that work hard to service their moves. We thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share your moving experience with us at and we thank you for providing your opinion on how we can improve our services in the future. Below, you will find a list of the most recently reviewed moving companies and the newest, most up-to-date moving company reviews.

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Recent Moving Reviews

The movers were professional and ...Compliment
Discount Moving
Reviewed by Laurene on 9/17/2014
They were very professional, they were quick and they were relatively inexpensive. They just were very respectful and very competent.

The crew was great.Compliment
Paul's Moving
Reviewed by Bonnie on 9/17/2014
It was fine. The guys were really great, no problems.

The movers were incredibly fast.Compliment
The Moving Crew
Reviewed by Anonymous on 9/17/2014
It was the best move I've ever had. It was fast, they literally had everything packed, moved, unloaded and gone within three hours.

Overall I had a pretty good experience.Compliment
Hansen Auto Transport
Reviewed by Vish on 9/17/2014
It was pretty good and the estimate was close enough. They were excellent.

I would use them again.Compliment
Livingston Transportation
Reviewed by Andrew on 9/17/2014
It was good, I would go back. They shipped my vehicle without damage.

Minus some missing items it went well.Compliment
Centennial Moving Systems
Centennial Moving Systems
Reviewed by John on 9/17/2014
It went pretty well, but actually my daughter called yesterday and she was missing a few items that were on the list but she didn't have.

They were good, there was no damage.Compliment
Metropolitan Movers
Metropolitan Movers
Reviewed by Araceli on 9/17/2014
They were good, they came on time and the items they delivered were safe, no damage.

Moving ScamComplaint
Trillium Moving
Reviewed by Tia on 9/1/2014
Trillium gave the cheapest quote by quite a stretch. I requested a visual survey, and was told that they do not offer them for smaller shipments, but they would provide an estimate if I... more

Mega City Movers
Mega City Movers
Reviewed by Dov on 8/30/2014
Stay away from Mega City Transport. Dave took job to deliver our vehicle from Calgary to Brampton, took the money but the move never happened. Disappeared for a month, did not answer phone... more

I received excellent service.Compliment
Reviewed by Sandy on 8/27/2014
They were very fast and very reasonably priced and everything was moved with great care. I would totally recommend them.

The crew was friendly and quick.Compliment
Mackie Group Professional Movers
Reviewed by Edward on 8/27/2014
The guys were friendly, they worked quick and they didn't damage any of my stuff.

The movers did a great job.Compliment
United Van Lines
Reviewed by Jeff on 8/27/2014
The crew was good when they came and they kept things clean and were careful with my stuff. They put things were we wanted them to when they delivered it on the other end. They were fast... more

The movers were late and didn't even ...Complaint
Metropolitan Movers
Reviewed by Yurry on 8/27/2014
Nobody gives me the phone and the guys come six hours later and they didn't finish moving because they got delayed until 12:00 at night because of the time delay. And that's what my... more

Minus the pricing and scheduling it ...Compliment
Troy Transportation Moving and Storage
Troy Transportation Moving And Storage
Reviewed by Tharanath on 8/27/2014
It was good actually but the price was a bit high and they charged more for the extra packages and all that. Other than that it was good. Time wise it was tough because they came in between... more

I had a fabulous experience with them.Compliment
Metropolitan Movers
Metropolitan Movers
Reviewed by Holly on 8/27/2014
It was absolutely fantastic, they were great. The whole thing took place out of one house and into another in three hours. I appreciated their efficiency, their carefulness. They were very... more

Multi City Moving INC
Multi City Moving Inc
Reviewed by J on 8/23/2014
It took almost 3 months for 2 boxes, and one piece of furniture to be delivered by these people. Office staff/" help. COD as well....but they won't tell you that up front. Use... more

Great Moving CompanyCompliment
Accent Moving & Storage
Accent Moving & Storage
Reviewed by Marnie on 8/20/2014
I called Accent Movers for a quote. The estimator came out and gave us a flat rate quote for $850 + TAX and that's what I paid. The crew showed up on time and nothing was damaged. They... more

Cheaters! NEVER AGAIN!Complaint
Greenland Van Lines
Greenland Van Lines
Reviewed by Monica on 8/4/2014
As on the first e-mails,it seemed to be "serious"but i was totally wrong! After taking the deposit,they did not give a shit about what was going on?I had to call around 30... more

Fast and easyCompliment
Metropolitan Movers
Metropolitan Movers
Reviewed by Gorge on 7/29/2014
I didnt know where to start , It was my first big move , and I was confuse , I tried a different company ( chip one ) and they canceled me the day before , I was very nervous , so I called... more

Multi City Moving INC
Multi City Moving Inc
Reviewed by Ruby on 7/17/2014
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I have had many issues with Mulitcity Movers and it is extremely difficult to get ahold of anybody to get things resolved. Emails go unreturned and when I call... more

Reasonable Trucking
Reviewed by Stella on 5/28/2014
I would absolutely stay far far away from Reasonable Trucking. There is nothing reasonable about them – from their rates, to their service. Short version – Reasonable Trucking…Has appalling... more

Terrible Moving Company- DO NOT USEComplaint
Bluestar Van Lines
Reviewed by Laura on 5/22/2014
Organized a move a month a head of time with 2 drop offs. Movers were 4 days late, and we had to move all of our things into a storage unit. They agreed to pay. We weighed our materials... more

Beware of this companyComplaint
Mcwilliams Moving And Storage(Mayflower)
Reviewed by D on 4/16/2014
This company did significant damage to my property (in their possession, they packed) then claimed it wasn't their fault and refused to cover the damage. The only way to get compensation... more

Mega Moving & Storage
Mega Moving & Storage
Reviewed by David on 4/11/2014
They will rob you and lie to you, try and sell your belongings, do no use them or trust them. They split our things up in two trucks and gave the trucks to two different companies as... more

Above and Beyond Moving does not live ...Complaint
Above And Beyond Moving, Merville
Reviewed by Melissa on 4/2/2014
I hired this company to move the basic furniture from my small one bedroom apt. When I called to get their rates, I was told it was $90/hr. On moving day, they were almost 4 hours late. It... more

Excellent moving service from City ...Compliment
Citywide Movers
Reviewed by Mike on 3/29/2014
Your movers arrived last Tuesday on time. They were very careful & mats were placed so that there was no tracking into the house. They were clean, well organized and very careful. And... more

movers from hellComplaint
Expert Relocation Services Inc.
Reviewed by Sonia on 3/17/2014

Look elsewhere. Anywhere.Complaint
Trillium Moving & Storage Services
Trillium Moving & Storage Services
Reviewed by Lisa on 3/11/2014
Terrible service. Rude and argumentative upon pickup. %0d%0a Took a month to deliver possessions - three weeks longer than what we were told upon pickup . Damaged furniture, one box soaked... more

watch out!!!Complaint
Multi City Moving INC
Multi City Moving Inc
Reviewed by Mcgraw on 3/4/2014
Buyer beware! Tons of promises and none kept. Our stuff was picked up jan 24 2014 and was told it would arrive in Vancouver in approximately 14days depending on weather. Called to confirm... more

Highly Recommended!Compliment
Mid-West Moving & Storage Services-AB
Mid-West Moving & Storage Services-Ab
Reviewed by Jen on 2/21/2014
We moved from Calgary to Toronto. It took about 3 weeks to get our stuff, which was what we were told, but except for one little cheap wine glass, NOTHING WAS BROKEN! The moving guys on... more

Very disappointed and disgusted! ...Complaint
Les Enterprises Jessen Inc
Les Enterprises Jessen Inc
Reviewed by Margharita on 2/6/2014
Jessen the Mover was involved in moving our furniture from Blainville to Florida: JESSEN MOVING INC. corporate headquarters and warehouse are located at: 6435 Cote de Liesse, St-Laurent, QC... more

Multicity Movers - WARNING !!!!!Complaint
Multi City Moving INC
Multi City Moving Inc
Reviewed by Sriram on 2/4/2014
one of the worst experience in life by choosing multicity movers. They delayed the move nearly 2 months and did not provide any discount or compensation. They took advantage of the... more

Poor moving experience.Complaint
Trillium Moving & Storage Services
Trillium Moving & Storage Services
Reviewed by Peter on 1/22/2014
Our estimated and actual weights were very different (actual was almost double) but since the estimate was done sight unseen I wasn't surprised. %0d%0a%0d%0aI requested a weigh scale... more

Great experiencesCompliment
City Wide Movers
City Wide Movers
Reviewed by Marco on 1/10/2014
Movers arrived last Saturday on time. They were clean, well organized and very careful. And efficient. No time was wasted. The move was completed with no damage. They were very helpful,... more

Thank you for the move!Compliment
City Wide Movers
City Wide Movers
Reviewed by Corey on 1/10/2014
I am really grateful to Mike and Daniel for the service they provided. They were really pleasant and professional movers. They arrived on time and worked fast. I was moving from my... more

An outstanding experience!Compliment
Beanland Moving Ltd.
Beanland Moving Ltd.
Reviewed by Sue on 12/26/2013
I recently moved from BC to Ontario under the auspices of Beanland Moving. The actual move was performed by their contractor Slim Oellerich of S.O. Double H Services located in North... more

GSSK International Movers ReviewComplaint
GSSK International Movers
Gssk International Movers
Reviewed by Jason on 12/19/2013
We hired GSSK International Movers in July 2013.%0d%0a%0d%0aI had dealt with international movers before. They tend to be slow, unreliable, and overall sketchy. So I wasn't expecting... more

Move to FloridaCompliment
Trillium Moving & Storage Services
Trillium Moving & Storage Services
Reviewed by Robert on 12/11/2013
As a person who is on the go all the time, I really dont have time to go online and write reviews. However, being that Chloe was so wonderful to deal with during this stressful move, I... more

Do Not Use BC AB Movers!Complaint
B.C Alberta Movers
B.C Alberta Movers
Reviewed by Jad on 11/30/2013
They use the usual scam, price low based on cubic feet then charge much higher upon arrival. Will 'guarantee' their price, but not follow through at all.

Trillium Moving ReviewCompliment
Trillium Moving & Storage Services
Trillium Moving & Storage Services
Reviewed by Ken on 11/30/2013
My family and I moved from Ingersoll, ON to Laval, QC area. We were happy with the service. The crew was amazing on both sides. We had terrible weather on the pick up date (Nov 7) but the... more

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