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Customer feedback is extremely valuable to us. To maintain the level of quality users expect from TopMoving.ca, we use customer feedback to evaluate the performance of moving companies in our network. We take pride in our work, and the TopMoving.ca team is dedicated to providing users with top-notch moving solutions.

We thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your moving experiences with us, and we appreciate the comments and suggestions. It truly helps us improve our services and gives us context on which to base future business decisions regarding our professional moving network.

Below, you will find a list of the most recently reviewed moving companies and the newest, most up-to-date user feedback.

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Recent Moving Reviews

Cancelled Last MinuteComplaint
Centennial Moving Systems
Centennial Moving Systems
Reviewed by Shawna on 7/28/2015
These movers cancelled on me the DAY before they were supposed to show up, even though they had confirmed they were coming just the day before. I already released my apartment and had all... more

Liars and cheatsComplaint
Montreal Van Lines-LD
Montreal Van Lines-Ld
Reviewed by Ian on 7/24/2015
They underestimate your move, do not show on time, damage your stuff, and do not respond to insurance claims even though you paid a hefty fee. If you call them out on being untrustworthy... more

Buyer BewareComplaint
S & Sons Moving
S & Sons Moving
Reviewed by Dulce on 7/21/2015
%0d%0a%0d%0aBUYER BEWARE! This guy was a horror! If you can find someone else, do it. Moving is stressful enough. Add Stefan, the owner of S and Sons Moving, to the mix, and you... more

Awful experienceComplaint
Mauritrans Inc
Mauritrans Inc
Reviewed by Mo on 6/23/2015
Tried to get my quote via email, and got a response asking for my private number. Asked to communicate via email and good a rude response to "find another company". by Med Maloum Jiddou.... more

Not recommendedComplaint
Multi City Moving INC
Multi City Moving Inc
Reviewed by Sa on 5/13/2015
The worst experience ever!! Just after paying deposit and pick-up they stopped answering my calls and emails. I never received scale results or any other related info before they surprised... more

awesome serviceCompliment
KamKel Moving Storage & Delivery
Kamkel Moving Storage & Delivery
Reviewed by Shirney on 5/3/2015
This moving company is one of the best we have ever used i would recommend them to anyone

Moving across CountryCompliment
Centennial Moving Systems
Centennial Moving Systems
Reviewed by Lise on 5/2/2015
Excellent service. Great communication. On time and stayed to schedule. Less than 10 days until it arrived. Everything well wrapped and in fantastic shape. They took needed items apart and... more

Excellent MoveCompliment
Beanland Moving Ltd.
Beanland Moving Ltd.
Reviewed by Gerri on 3/18/2015
Excellent service. Had many military moves in my career and this was by far the best moving company. Movers were professional, on time and quote was within range I will definitely... more

Best Movers in Windsor - MississaugaCompliment
Aleks Moving Company
Aleks Moving Company
Reviewed by Justyna on 2/15/2015
Aleks moving gave me an in home estimate a flat rate price .%0d%0aIt was a reasonable price . On the day of the move they showed up on time and they moved everything very carefully no... more

Never go with Greenland vanlineComplaint
Greenland Van Lines
Greenland Van Lines
Reviewed by Alireza on 1/26/2015
NEVER NEVER NEVER select Greenland Vanline as your mover even if they want to do it free of charge!!! here is my experince in summary 1). They deceived you with the weights around double... more

They are not professionalsComplaint
Gentleman Moving Services
Gentleman Moving Services
Reviewed by Yves on 1/20/2015
Those people are not movers, they are ex-con moving stuffs. They managed to damage most of my furniture, stain my mattress and stain the carpet at my new place since they didn't protect... more

good serviceCompliment
Reliable Movers
Reliable Movers
Reviewed by Jim on 12/8/2014
The service was very fast and professional.The whole company was friendly and the next time I move I'll move with reliable movers

Unfair Business Practices borderline ...Complaint
Greenland Van Lines
Greenland Van Lines
Reviewed by Paula on 11/24/2014
With this review I wish to bring to ling unfair business practices bordering fraud from merchant Greenland Vanlines. In brief, Greenland Vanlines are charging me with $236,67 in storage... more

excellent serviceCompliment
A Touch of Class Furniture Delivery and Moving Ltd
A Touch Of Class Furniture Delivery And Moving Ltd
Reviewed by April on 11/17/2014
Excellent showed up on time and was very professional. Most important nothing damaged. Thank you for helping me find them.

Awful CompanyComplaint
Reviewed by Chris on 11/13/2014
AKA Royal Van Lines; AKA North American Movers; AKA Capital Moving Services Inc. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. This statement is something I pride myself in living. Most... more

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, extremely bad ...Complaint
Greenland Van Lines
Greenland Van Lines
Reviewed by Kim on 10/30/2014
My 75 year old mother had booked her move with Greenland, she remained in contact with them right up until the day before her move, then when she called them to get the time of arrival of... more

My move was great, I would recommend ...Compliment
Bay Of Quinte Movers
Reviewed by Ronald on 10/23/2014
It was great. [The price] was lower, we paid less than what we estimated.

Movers damaged and stole my belongings.Complaint
On Time Moving
Reviewed by Anonymous on 10/23/2014
For me, it's not very good, because, the reason is [the movers] damaged my stuff and plus [they] stole, took all my stuff that we saw in the luggage and in the truck and it's not there now.

The movers were both efficient and ...Compliment
Lindsay Movers
Reviewed by Joann on 10/23/2014
It was wonderful. They packed and they moved and they were efficient and friendly and they just did a great job.

I would definitely recommend them to ...Compliment
Short Notice Movers
Short Notice Movers
Reviewed by Brenda on 10/23/2014
They were prompt, they were on time. They worked very hard. I would definitely recommend them to someone else. They even put in a little overtime.

Over 8 hours to get it done. I ...Complaint
Metropolitan Movers
Metropolitan Movers
Reviewed by Pamela on 10/23/2014
Oh I didn't care for it. I would not use them again. I wouldn't recommend them. The had one bedroom plus a little bit of miscellaneous stuff and three items that were large and it took them... more

Very efficient and effective.Compliment
J & J Moving & Auto Transport
J & J Moving & Auto Transport
Reviewed by Annie on 10/23/2014
They were good; very efficient and effective and great customer service.

Homeland Moving and Logistic Services
Homeland Moving And Logistic Services
Reviewed by Georgia on 10/19/2014
I contacted this company after some bad experience I had over the phone with other movers. I never expected Mehmet and his team to be not only good but amazing. Extremely fast and at the... more

Excellent serviceCompliment
Trillium Moving & Storage Services
Trillium Moving & Storage Services
Reviewed by Nikas on 10/13/2014
I had an easy time scheduling the move, they showed up 15 minute early, and were incredibly professional throughout the move. They picked up my stuff and moved everything into our new... more

They overcharged and delivered 35 days ...Complaint
Action Moving and Storage Inc.
Action Moving And Storage Inc.
Reviewed by Charles on 10/10/2014
My wife and I contracted Action Moving & Storage for a move from Montreal to Vancouver 2 years ago. We initially got good service by Brian Pleet, but things soured rapidly. They were... more

It was awesome.Compliment
Oscar & Rick Local Moving
Reviewed by Anonymous on 10/9/2014
I'd recommend them. They were on time and the price was low and the quality was good.

They were excellent.Compliment
Burlington Movers
Reviewed by Sandra on 10/9/2014
They were very good. They had a lot of challenges and they did really good with challenges. This is the second time we've used them.

Go with these movers.Compliment
Beanland Moving Ltd.
Beanland Moving Ltd.
Reviewed by Crystal on 10/9/2014
They were quick, prompt, courteous and delivered everything on time. The pricing was great.

They took my money and never finished ...Complaint
Mega City Movers
Mega City Movers
Reviewed by Alex on 10/9/2014
Basically, after numerous phone calls and stuff like that [the owner] sent some driver to pick up the car. The guy picked up the car, he moved it you know a block away, he left it on the... more

They did a good job, I would use them ...Compliment
Olds Moving
Reviewed by John on 10/9/2014
They were very careful and took care of all our stuff and our walls and bannisters in both locations. The only bad thing I would have to say about them was they were a little bit slow. But... more

Stress Free serviceCompliment
Vega Line
Reviewed by Andrea on 10/9/2014
I moved from Vancouver to Calgary about a few weeks agol. I was nervous and stressed out enough as it was about trying to find a new place and settle in that I really didn't want any... more

We were very impressed with them.Compliment
Pro Movers
Reviewed by Sarah on 9/29/2014
They did a fantastic job and we're really impressed with them. They were efficient and professional and did a a good job and we're just really happy with them.

The scheduling was very disorganized.Complaint
Montreal Van Lines-LD
Montreal Van Lines-Ld
Reviewed by Ryan on 9/25/2014
It was frustrating at the time. They seemed to be somewhat unorganized honestly in terms of their scheduling. They shuffled around my pick up and drop off dates several times after... more

My car arrived on time with no damage.Compliment
Mvs Canada
Reviewed by Bose on 9/23/2014
My car came in right on time, no scratches. I didn't have any issues, so it was an excellent service as far as I'm concerned.

On a scale of 10, I give 5. Compliment
A&N Movers
Reviewed by Sajad on 9/18/2014
Not good, not bad. It's in the middle. They moved some of my stuff, that's it. On a scale of 10, I give 5.

Good all around! Compliment
Beanland Moving Ltd.
Beanland Moving Ltd.
Reviewed by David on 9/18/2014
It was fine, excellent. They were good all around!

Worst experience with Greenland Van ...Complaint
Greenland Van Lines
Greenland Van Lines
Reviewed by Inga on 9/18/2014
I had worst experience ever with Greenland Van Lines. They gave misleading information - all what they stated in estimate e-mail they didn't do. Pick-up was late, delivery were 29 days,... more

They were late and not knowledgeable.Complaint
Metropolitan Movers
Reviewed by Donna on 9/17/2014
It was terrible. They were late, to start it off, and the supervisor that I spoke with was very ignorant and hung up on me. Several times. They broke one of my chairs. I've been trying to... more

They took my $200 deposit and wouldn't ...Complaint
Word of Mouth Movers
Word Of Mouth Movers
Reviewed by Shiv on 9/17/2014
They booked me and they took my $200 deposit and then never returned my money. When the guy came, which was the whole plan, instead of 3 people it was 2 people. They were two hours late and... more

The movers were professional and ...Compliment
Discount Moving
Reviewed by Laurene on 9/17/2014
They were very professional, they were quick and they were relatively inexpensive. They just were very respectful and very competent.

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