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Tips for Finding a Green Moving Company

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Want to move and still be environmentally responsible? It isn't always easy due to all the potential waste in a typical move.

There are several strategies you can employ to keep your move green. But what about your moving company? If you are putting forward the effort to be environmentally responsible with your move, why wouldn't you want your moving company to have the same mindset? Finding a green moving company ensures that every aspect of your move will be as environmentally responsible as possible.

What makes a moving company green?

  • Biodegradable/recycled packing materials


  • Alternatively fuelled moving trucks


  • Tree planting for every move


  • Generally avoiding wasteful practices
When searching for any moving company it is best to compare several possible candidates and see what other people had to say about them. The user review section here on is a great place to start. Search for like-minded reviewers who value green moving and see what they have to say about a company's environmental responsibility. Using traditional petroleum-based fuel in the moving truck is the biggest potential environmental hazard, so finding a low pollution and conservation-friendly alternative to gas is your first priority when trying to find a green moving company.

Types of green fuel for moving trucks

  • Biodiesel- This fuel is made from natural waste from animal fat or vegetable oil. It can be mixed with regular diesel fuel or occasionally is used in a purely "clean" form. Either way, it reduces emissions since the natural oils burn cleaner than typical gasoline.


  • Hydrogen Cells- Vehicles that use hydrogen fuel cells only produce heat and water as emissions so they create no real pollution. These vehicles are rare and expensive, however.


  • Electricity- More and more electrically fueled vehicles are hitting the market, including moving trucks, which may be easier to find than ever. Electricity creates no waste and hybrids use some gas but much less than a typical gas powered vehicle.
When you contact your moving company it is best to relay to them your desire to make your move as green as possible, because they may accommodate you even if being green isn't their standard practice. Ask companies about recycling, packing materials and the moving truck fuel right when you first contact them. If you don't like what you hear, then start over with a new moving company. The most important aspect of finding a green moving company is finding a company that will take your environmental concerns seriously.

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on June 19, 2014 - Moving Expert
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