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How to Fix Your Home for Sale

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You are ready to move out of your old home so now you must sell it. But how do you convince other people to want the thing that you just decided you no longer desire? Chances are your house is a little beat up from all of your time living there. In order to make your house attractive enough to be sold to potential buyers, you need to spend some time fixing it up.

Remember that your house needs to be appealing on both the outside and the inside and that you're not just selling the house, you're selling the property. Remember that your time and money should be spent on fixing and cleaning your house, full on renovations rarely add enough value to your home to justify the costs.

Make the outside of your home attractive to buyers

Prospective buyers will often judge a house long before they step foot inside its doors. The general appearance of your home and your yard on the outside is the first thing that people will notice.
The outside of your house deserves a lot of attention.
  • Make sure to repair loose or damaged siding and shingles on your house
  • Repair any loose gutters or drainage spouts
  • Clean out the gutters
  • Wash the house itself with a high pressure hose or hire professional washers
  • Repaint your house if the old paint is chipping or if the color is out of style
  • Wash your windows
  • Remove any excess growth like moss or ivy that is growing on your house
Your yard and landscaping are also a big factor to consider when trying to sell your home
  • Remove any dead or unsightly bushes, hedges, or trees on your property. You may need to hire a service for bigger jobs
  • Make sure your lawn is full and green. Fertilize and mow it if need be.
  • If your lawn is sparse, purchase small plants to spruce it up
  • Trim and hedges and make sure all growth is neat

Make the inside of your house ready to sell

Before trying to sell your house you need to inspect the inside of your home. A house that needs to be sold will be inspected at least twice: once informally as your prospective buyer first looks it over, and once formally when the sale is in the process of being authorized. Your inspection should be thorough enough to make those inspections a stress free event. Check and address these issues before a buyer or inspector does:
  • Plumbing: Make sure all the faucets work with both hot and cold water. Check and see if all the toilets flush. Make sure there are no leaks
  • Flooring: Check to see that all tiles are properly secured. Make sure that the floor is level and there are no depression signalling hidden damage
  • Electricity: Make sure all lights and outlets are functional. Check the circuit breaker to make sure that every part of the house is getting the electricity it is supposed to
  • Appliances: Replace or repair any old, broker, or ugly appliances that you plan on selling with the home. Make sure that they all work
  • Walls: Repair any holes in the walls. Make sure all framing and molding around doorways are secure and in place. Paint anything in need of a new paint job for maintenance or style reasons
  • Heating/Cooling: Make sure the house's climate control works. Check and clean baseboards and fan vents


Once you are sure that everything is fixed and working properly, it is time to clean your house. Even if everything works great, dirt and clutter can give the impression of dysfunction to prospective buyers.
  • clean top to bottom so you only knock dirt to an area you will clean later
  • wash your walls
  • shampoo your rugs and furniture
  • empty what you can that is going to be your after the move
  • keep everything clutter free and organized
  • make sure the house smells good
You may want to hire a professional cleaning service to address these issues if you find the task too daunting to pull of yourself. It is worth the time and effort to fix and clean your house as much as possible because a good looking house will yield a good looking offer.

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on July 2, 2014 - Moving Expert
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