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Tips for Shipping Your ...
Sometimes you may want to move certain items before or after you move. You could be sending a few key things to friends or family before the move, or returning items you took with you on the move. Shipping items is like moving your belongings without moving yourself. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to ship items in Canada.
Choosing a Moving Company
Choosing a moving company can be a daunting experience. Thankfully, this guide is here to help you through the process of finding the best people to move your home.
Moving into an Apartment ...
Moving into an apartment building with shared hallways can be difficult enough, but add in stairs that you have to move your belongings up and down and things get even trickier. Here's how to tackle them effectively.
Adapting to New Routines
This guide will give you some helpful advice on how to establish a new routine in your new town or city after you move and how to settle in and get comfortable with your new home.
Making a Moving Inventory
This guide will give you some tips on how to create a moving inventory that will help you organize your belongings prior to your move so you can make sure that nothing is forgotten on moving day.


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With the multiple listings of Moving Companies New Brunswick, we help you to make a correct choice in hiring the Moving Company for your upcoming move. We screen all New Brunswick Moving Companies in each and every area of New Brunswick to ensure a successful move for you. Moving Companies in New Brunswick, NB listed with us are Licensed, insured and dedicated to provide the best of Moving Services and guarantee the customers' satisfaction. We also provide the moving solutions that help your move from New Brunswick go smoothly.

The New Brunswick Moving Companies provide you with plenty of moving tips, packing guides and other Moving Services to help you through your New Brunswick move. Make the most use of our website to ensure an easy move and reduce stress during Packing and Moving. The teams of such Professional Moving Companies New Brunswick, NB are experienced in their relevant fields and can help you through every aspect of your move.

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About New Brunswick

New Brunswick is the only bilingual province of Canada which speaks English as well as French. With its world renowned natural beauty, the province has several attractions to enthrall your senses. New Brunswick is well known for its beautiful natural sanctuary at the Bay of Fundy, offers a huge array of exotic species of birds and animals to enjoy including 15 species of toothed and baleen whales. The Bay of Fundy also has the highest tides in the world. With 48 lighthouses New Brunswick is well known for its inland lighthouse system.

As of October 1st 2010, of the total population of 752,815, New Brunswick had a total labor force of 394.5 thousand people. Of these only 359.5 thousand were employed and around 36.4 thousand people were unemployed. New Brunswick had a worker participation rate of 63.6% and its employment rate was 57.7%. Of these the construction sector employs around 28,000 people, while the manufacturing and fabrication sector employs about 30,000 people. About 56,000 people are engaged in trade and commerce. The health care and education sectors employ approximately 50,000 and 26,000 people respectively. There are 94,564 people collectively employed in public sector and administration, with 19,678 people employed with federal sector, 66,941 employed with provincial administration services and 7,946 are employed by the local administration.

New Brunswick is a major producer and exporter of Petroleum and other oil products, in fact over 7,514.6 billion dollars worth petroleum products were exported in year 2010 as against 5,825 billion dollars exported in 2009. New Brunswick also exported over 767.8 million dollars worth fish and related products. Over 637.9 million dollars worth wood pulp was also produced and exported in 2010. Other provincial products and exports include agro products like livestock, meat, fruits, and vegetables, Forestry products like lumber, paper and paperboard. Industrial materials like Ores, Fertilizers, Organic and inorganic chemicals. The province also produces and exports equipment & Machinery and automotive products.

As of 2010 study, salaries and wages in New Brunswick grew by 3.7% as against 2.4% in 2009. Of all 15 industries of New Brunswick 14 industries reported a hike in wages & salaries. Housing start rate increased in the province at the rate of 16.5% and in 2010, the province had over 4,101 housing units. As of 2010 average weekly earned income stood at $761.70 and was 89% of the national average of $853.19. During the period province recorded 6,702 residential units as against 7,003 in 2009. The housing cost in the province is reasonably inexpensive compared to many other Canadian provinces.

Just as other provinces New Brunswick has a universal government funded health care system that gives necessary medical services with comprehensive coverage. It is mandatory to have a Medicare card to receive any eligible medical services and general physician and doctors must be presented with the card at time of availing insured doctors or other medical related services.

The province of New Brunswick operates a complex system of English and French speaking public schools, who offer both primary and secondary education. The province also operates some private religious, secular education institutions. The public education system is governed by the department of education in government of New Brunswick. The New Brunswick Community College system operates its campuses all across the province. It offers dual and parallel education programs in both English and French languages. The province has 4 universities and of these, University of New Brunswick and the Université de Moncton are well known in the province.

New Brunswick has a rich cultural heritage spanning centuries and is a place filled with creativity. Arts and music have always been an integral part of the cultural fabric of New Brunswick. Live music festivals like Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, FrancoFête en Acadie), and Miramichi Folksong Festival, are regularly organized in the province. The province has several historic theatres like Fredericton Playhouse, the Capitol Theatre in Moncton and the Imperial Theatre in Saint John. Theatre New Brunswick is also present in the province. These theatres organize dance, musicals and drama presentations. The province with its restaurants provides great food to enjoy. Time immemorial the province has inspired art and artisans alike and has several art galleries where the art by local artistes and even international ones are exhibited.

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