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To help you to find reliable movers New Brunswick, we have compiled a list of Movers in New Brunswick where you can avail all kinds of Moving Services & Local Moves. The New Brunswick Movers listed under are screened and scrutinized to ensure that you receive the 'Best Relocation Service'. The New Brunswick Local Movers are registered and provide satisfactory services to the best of our knowledge.

So What Next? Simply fill the Quote Form, and get connected to the top New Brunswick Movers. You will receive free multiple moving quotes from the leading local movers in and around New Brunswick, NB and make your move successful, one that saves money and time simultaneously.

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About New Brunswick

New Brunswick is the biggest of all the 3 Canadian Maritime Provinces. In 1867 the province of New Brunswick along with Ontario, Nova Scotia and Québec was the first province to join the Dominion of Canada. Fredericton is the provincial capital of New Brunswick and Saint John is its largest and the oldest city in the whole province. Other major cities include Moncton, Bathurst, Edmundston and Campbellton.

New Brunswick's provincial bird is the lack-capped chickadee. The perennial flower of purple violet is the flower symbol of the province. New Brunswick’s tree symbol is the balsam fir. A Salomon Fly has been given the title "Picture Province" and is tagged gold symbolizing the importance Atlantic Salmon to the province of New Brunswick. The Holmesville Soil is the most common soil type and is the provincial soil of New Brunswick.

The province of New Brunswick spans an area of 73,440 sq km. The topography of the province is characterized by the Appalachian Ranges on the north, the eastern region of the province is mostly flat and the interior part of the province is dominated by plateaus and dense forests. The river of Saint John divides the province from north to south and is also known as the Rhine of North America. The highest point in the province is Mount Carleton, at 820 meters or 2,690 feet. The lowest point in the province is at the Atlantic Ocean at sea level.

The province of New Brunswick has a combination of coastal and inland climatic conditions. The month of January is generally the coldest month of the season while July being the most warm month of the year. The highlands on the interior part of the province receive almost 1,200 millimeters of rainfall every year with province receiving the most during summer months. During winter the average temperature continues to fall from southern parts towards the northern side of the province. The interior regions of the province usually have very severe winters.

According to the July 1, 2010 population estimates, New Brunswick has a population of 751,755 people. The province experienced a population growth of 0.3% as against the population on July 1st 2009. Most of the population is aged, with seniors accounting to 15.8% of the population. The share of people aged between 15-34 years of age has come down to 24.9% in 2010 as against 33.4% in 1990’s. People between the age of 25-64 have increased and amounted to 44.2% in 2010. As per statistics during the year 2009 – 2010 1,928 people immigrated to the province.

New Brunswick has the 8th largest GDP of all the Canadian provinces. Mining and manufacturing have contributed greatly to its development; in fact in 2010 these sectors were at the forefront of economic development and lead the province’s recovery from recession. New Brunswick experienced an estimated real GDP growth of 2.0%. Construction, Manufacturing, Wholesale Trade, Extraction of oil and gas, mining and transportation and warehousing sectors constitute a major part of the provincial economy. In 2010, retail trade accounted to 7% of the GDP and did a business of around 10.5 billion dollars at a growth rate of 4.9%. In 2009 the GDP of the province was 27,497 billion dollars. In 2010 the province experienced an unemployment rate of 9.3% as against the national rate of 8.0%.

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