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Recent Moving Reviews
I had a fabulous experience with ...
Metropolitan Movers
It was absolutely fantastic, they were great. The whole thing took place out of one house and into another in three hours. I appreciated their efficiency, their carefulness. They were very careful with my fragile objects and they helped me set up my TV after because it was too heavy for me to lift. So it was just all around, they were very good. Couple little scratches here and there but that was it. They took care of everything. Everything just flowed very nicely.
Review by : Holly
Posted on : 8/27/2014
Efficient movers
Lugger's Delivery & Moving
Movers were efficient and very knowledgeable about what they were doing. I really liked them. I actually had them twice, I had to take some other furniture, I was living in a trailer and when I needed to have all the old furniture taken away I called them and they came right away. so they were really good. Surely I will recommend them. I would suggest these guys, they were really good so if you want someone to look out for your furniture and someone who is very efficient and know what they were doing, they are decent guys and are very good and I would recommend them for anybody.
Review by : Lawrence
Posted on : 3/27/2013
Not a nice person to deal with
Mikes Delivery
In my brief dealings with the owner of this company I found him to be rude, sexist, arrogant and distinctly lacking in the integrity department. As far as his actual services go i have heard nothing great or terrible. I believe manners maketh the man and if he doesn't deal with people in general ( regardless of them being clients, sales people or other business owners) in a professional and contructive manner then why would he care about service in general? I will never deal with him, and I would never recommend anyone else to.
Review by : Sara
Posted on : 1/11/2013


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About Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan gets its name from the Saskatchewan River, which flows eastward through the province and across Manitoba as well, emptying into Lake Winnipeg. Saskatchewan is home to several major Canadian cities, including its capital, Regina, and its largest city, Saskatoon. These two metropolitan areas account for a heavy majority of Saskatchewan's population. Other cities in the province include Moose Jaw, Prince Albert and Yorkton. It has been a province of Canada in 1905.

Saskatchewan shares its eastern border with Manitoba and its west with Alberta. To the north, the province borders the Northwest Territories, and to the south, it borders two US states: North Dakota and Montana. Since a majority of Saskatchewan's northern region is covered with dense boreal forest, the province's residents live primarily in the southern parts.

Geographically-speaking, Saskatchewan is an interesting province. It is one of the only two Canadian provinces that are land-locked - the other ocean-less province is Alberta. Also, Saskatchewan is known to enjoy more hours of sunshine than any other province in Canada. Its lack of a substantial body of water contributes to its warm summers in the south, but Saskatchewan's northern region experiences shorter, hotter summers. In fact, southern Saskatchewan's climate is technically continental, while the north's environment is considered subarctic.

Similar to other provinces, Saskatchewan's economy was originally based on agriculture. However, with technological advances and an influx of residents, other industries have superseded it as the province's most productive. For example, Saskatchewan is the world's largest exporter of potash and uranium. Potash is a form of water-soluble salts that contain potassium, and these two exports are the main reason Saskatchewan's mining industry has grown so much. Forestry also plays a significant part in the northern region of the province because of all the trees.

Saskatchewan features several universities for higher education, including the University of Saskatchewan, located in Saskatoon. Two major institutions are located in the city of Regina: the University of Regina and the First Nations University of Canada, which also has campuses in Saskatoon and Prince Albert.

The province is home to several museums that highlight its rich history. One popular Saskatchewan tradition is Pow Wow dancing, which features drums and music drawn from native roots. There are multiple festivals that take place in the province, including the Festival of Words in Moose Jaw, which celebrates the use of creative language in literature, journalism, music, film and art. There are also the Saskatoon Fringe Festival, the Regina Folk Festival and the North Battleford Crafts Fair, all of which put Saskatchewan's culture on full display.

The province only features one major professional sports franchise: the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. Even though this team enjoys great admiration within the province, hockey remains Saskatchewan's most popular sport. In fact, more NHL players have been born in Saskatchewan than any other Canadian province, US state or European country - nearly 500 players come from the province!

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