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The number one priority on moving day is safety, so make sure safety comes first and put together a moving first aid kit just in case any accidents occur.
How to Pack and Move Mirrors
Mirrors are some of the most fragile items you can own. They also are relatively expensive. Make sure you aren't cursed for seven years, or have shards of glass in your moving shipment with these mirror packing instructions.
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Recent Reviews
Efficient movers
Canada Moving Company - Test
Movers were efficient and very knowledgeable about what they were doing. I really liked them. I actually had them twice, I had to take some other furniture, I was living in a trailer and when I needed to have all the old furniture taken away I called them and they came right away. so they were really good. Surely I will recommend them. I would suggest these guys, they were really good so if you want someone to look out for your furniture and someone who is very efficient and know what they were doing, they are decent guys and are very good and I would recommend them for anybody.
Review by : Lawrence
Posted on : 3/27/2013
Not a nice person to deal with
Mikes Delivery
In my brief dealings with the owner of this company I found him to be rude, sexist, arrogant and distinctly lacking in the integrity department. As far as his actual services go i have heard nothing great or terrible. I believe manners maketh the man and if he doesn't deal with people in general ( regardless of them being clients, sales people or other business owners) in a professional and contructive manner then why would he care about service in general? I will never deal with him, and I would never recommend anyone else to.
Review by : Sara
Posted on : 1/11/2013


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With the multiple listings of Moving Companies Saskatchewan, we help you to make a correct choice in hiring the Moving Company for your upcoming move. We screen all Saskatchewan Moving Companies in each and every area of Saskatchewan to ensure a successful move for you. Moving Companies in Saskatchewan, SK listed with us are Licensed, insured and dedicated to provide the best of Moving Services and guarantee the customers' satisfaction. We also provide the moving solutions that help your move from Saskatchewan go smoothly.

The Saskatchewan Moving Companies provide you with plenty of moving tips, packing guides and other Moving Services to help you through your Saskatchewan move. Make the most use of our website to ensure an easy move and reduce stress during Packing and Moving. The teams of such Professional Moving Companies Saskatchewan, SK are experienced in their relevant fields and can help you through every aspect of your move.

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Foam Lake

About Saskatchewan

The province of Saskatchewan is roughly shaped like a quadrilateral. Saskatchewan is one of the western provinces of Canada and is bordered by Alberta to its west and Northwest Territories borders the province to the north. To its east lies the province of Manitoba. The province shares its southern borders with US states of North Dakota and Montana. Most of the province’s population is concentrated in the southern third region and almost all the northern region is covered by the dense boreal forest. At 1,468 metres or 4,816 ft Cypress Hills is the highest point in the province and the lowest point in the province with elevation of at 213 metres or 699 ft lies on the shores of Lake Athabasca.

As of July 2011 with 5.2% rate of unemployment, Saskatchewan had the lowest unemployment rate in whole Canada. The total labor force of the province as of July 2011 was 562,100 and its participation rate was 70.2% as against the July 2010 rate of 70.8%. As of 2010, Finance, real estate, insurance and leasing sectors employed 30,500 people and 41,800 people were employed in agriculture, Manufacturing sector employed around 30,500 people and the construction industry employed 40,100 people. Over 80,200 people were employed in retail & wholesale trade related activities. Service sector still remains the largest employer with 215,700 people.

Potash and Uranium are by far the largest exported products of Saskatchewan; the province is in fact the source for around 1/3rd supply of Uranium and potash in the world. The province is second largest producer of beef cattle after Alberta. Saskatchewan’s oil & natural gas production is only second to Alberta.

People with a vision and cooperation, helping sprit and trust between each other have contributed greatly to the development of the health care sector in the province. Doctors and other medical personnel remit funds to Saskatchewan Medical Care Insurance Plan which is publicly funded, rather than to provide patients directly. Saskatchewan has a set amount of tariffs for medical services which is statutory in nature and the limit cannot be crossed under any circumstances.

Pre-school in Saskatchewan is not strictly controlled but is mandatory none the less. The pre-schools are usually run either by councils, community groups or by private organizations. Primary and secondary education in the province is provided under the K-12 system. It is mandatory for children between age groups of 7-16 to have school attendance. Primary and secondary education is free of cost and universally accessible. Children start high school from 9 -12 years of age. There are several institutions that offer vocational training to students and diploma courses. Famous universities include University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina and First Nations University of Canada.

The cultural composition of Saskatchewan has been heavily influenced by its historic native roots. The province has several museums that bear witness to province’s rich cultural heritage. The province is well known for its Pow-wow dance, drumming and music which are inspired from aboriginal native traditions. There are several festivals in the province and some of them are Festival of Words in Moose Jaw, Saskatoon Fringe Festival, the Regina Folk Festival, the North Battleford Crafts Fair, Regina's Cathedral Village Arts Festival, and the Fort QuAppelle Midsummer Arts Festival.

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