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Recent Reviews
Efficient movers
Canada Moving Company - Test
Movers were efficient and very knowledgeable about what they were doing. I really liked them. I actually had them twice, I had to take some other furniture, I was living in a trailer and when I needed to have all the old furniture taken away I called them and they came right away. so they were really good. Surely I will recommend them. I would suggest these guys, they were really good so if you want someone to look out for your furniture and someone who is very efficient and know what they were doing, they are decent guys and are very good and I would recommend them for anybody.
Review by : Lawrence
Posted on : 3/27/2013
Not a nice person to deal with
Mikes Delivery
In my brief dealings with the owner of this company I found him to be rude, sexist, arrogant and distinctly lacking in the integrity department. As far as his actual services go i have heard nothing great or terrible. I believe manners maketh the man and if he doesn't deal with people in general ( regardless of them being clients, sales people or other business owners) in a professional and contructive manner then why would he care about service in general? I will never deal with him, and I would never recommend anyone else to.
Review by : Sara
Posted on : 1/11/2013


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To help you to find reliable movers Saskatchewan, we have compiled a list of Movers in Saskatchewan where you can avail all kinds of Moving Services & Local Moves. The Saskatchewan Movers listed under are screened and scrutinized to ensure that you receive the 'Best Relocation Service'. The Saskatchewan Local Movers are registered and provide satisfactory services to the best of our knowledge.

So What Next? Simply fill the Quote Form, and get connected to the top Saskatchewan Movers. You will receive free multiple moving quotes from the leading local movers in and around Saskatchewan, SK and make your move successful, one that saves money and time simultaneously.

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Foam Lake

About Saskatchewan

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan derives its name from "kisiskâciwanisîpiy", a Cree word meaning "swift-flowing river". The capital of Saskatchewan is Regina while its largest city is Saskatoon, which is also the largest metro of the province. Europeans first explored the province in 1690 and in 1774 they settled down in the province. Saskatchewan joined the Canadian federation on September 1, 1905.

The red lily was selected as the national flower of Saskatchewan In year 1941; in 1988 the provincial tree was declared to be white birch, and the provincial bird was accepted to be sharp-tailed grouse in 1945. The white-tailed deer was adopted as the provincial animal of Saskatchewan. In 2001 Curling was declared as the provincial sport of Saskatchewan. Potash or sylvite is the official mineral of the province and finally in 2001 the needle-and-thread grass was accepted as the official grass of province.

The province of Saskatchewan has an approximate area of 651,036 sq/km .Saskatchewan is the 7th largest province of Canada and covers about 6.5% of the total area of Canada. Of the total area, provincial land area stands at 591,670 and rest of the 59,366 sq/km is covered with water. Forest covers about half of the province and 1/3rd of the province is covered in farmlands and 1/8th with fresh water. The province’s topography is comprised of 4 eco-zones which are spread across the province. They are the boreal plains, prairie, boreal shield, and taiga shield.

Saskatchewan has a continental climate; the province has huge temperature variance and is dependent on the geographic and topographic aspects of the region. The precipitation generally is low. Due to province being land locked and away from the major source of water, the province has low humidity, which in turn acts as a moderating agent. The province has warm summer and receives the most hours of sunshine among all Canadian provinces.

As of April 1st 2011, the population of Saskatchewan was 1,053,960. The province saw rise of 13,225 people since April 2010. As of 2011 the province had a population density of 1.67/km2. Saskatchewan population’s yearly rate of growth was fifth highest of all the provinces. German are the largest ethnic group in the province with representation of 30.0%, The second largest group is English with 26.5% population. Other ethnic groups include Scottish, Irish, Ukrainian, French, Russian, Dutch, Polish and Swedish.

About 95% of the provincial produce is heavily reliant on core resources like grains, livestock, Potash, Uranium, Oil & Gas, Wood and their refined and derivative products. In 2008, the GDP of the province was $41.6 billion and it constituted around 3% of the economy of Canada. Finance, real estate, insurance and leasing are the core of financial services industry which contributes 17.1% to the economy. Apart from this mining and petrochemicals industry contributes 13% to its economy.

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