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Recent Moving Reviews
Just Horrible
Les Enterprises Jessen Inc
Both Jessen and RelocationServicesCanada, have made our move to Prince Edward Island a nightmare. From start to finish we have been treated with total disrespect our belongings have been damaged, smashed they have been set in mud and in some cases totally ruined. We compleated their on line estamate form twice, to the best of our abaility and provided on both forms an accurate count of the items we were shipping. Both times the quote was under $4,000.00. We were told over the phone, when calling as directed to finalize the arrival date of our shipment that the cost would be $7,020.15. The shipment arrived however there was no offical documentation as to the weight of the shipment, it was just scribbled on the contract. We have been trying to settle the damages with them since September and we continue to be treated with total respect.. Our next course of acction is contacting the BBB in Montreal and then to small claims court.
Review by : Michael
Posted on : 1/15/2013

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Search our network of the best professional moving companies in Stouffville, ON to find the most reliable mover for your relocation. These moving companies Stouffville, ON are experienced, licensed and insured, so you can rest easy knowing your move will be simple and stress-free!
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Stouffville Moving Companies, ON. We are a professional full-service company and our management &team has more than three decades of experience in the relocation industry. Our team has...
Remus Moving & Storage0.0
Stouffville, Ontario Moving Companies. Moving successfully depends much on the mover you have hired. When you have depended on us we strive to excel in your expectation by offering you upsc...
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Throughout our many years of service we have earned our reputation for our reliable, economic and quality service. We take pride in our efficient ser...
Nexus Express Moving0.0
Moving Companies Stouffville, ON. We are a professional full service company which provides fast, friendly, reliable and flexible services to individuals, families and businesses. Our ...

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