How to Move to a New Apartment in Your Old Complex

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How to Move to a New Apartment in the Same Complex

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You may think moving within the same apartment complex would be simple, but moving is rarely simple.
Even though there are inherent benefits to making this very short distance move, it takes some foresight to take advantage of them.

Why move within the same apartment complex?

Moving is difficult, even if it is within the same apartment building. While moving to another room in the same building may not seem worth it, you can change your living area without changing your location relative to the outside world--and it can be convenient and cheap.

Here are some reasons why you may choose to move within the complex:
  • You gain a child or live-in significant other and you need slightly more space. 
  • You lose a live-in significant other or family member and need less room. You don't want to pay for an apartment that is bigger than what you need.
  • You lose your job and you need to move to a cheaper unit.
  • You get a new job and can afford a pricier unit.
  • There is some major problem with your unit, but you like the neighbours, amenities, location, and landlord enough to stay in the complex.

Notify your landlord

Once you have decided that you want to move to a new unit in the same complex, you need to let your landlord know your plans. Hopefully part of the reason you are choosing to stay in the building is your good relationship with your landlord.

Ask him these questions to make your apartment transfer happen:
  • Will he allow you to transfer if your lease is not expired?
  • What is the lease procedure? Can you keep your old one and alter it or do you need to sign a new lease?
  • Will you need a new round of tenant screening for this move?
  • Can you keep your old parking space?
  • Are there vacancies available in the type of unit you desire?
  • If not, can you be placed on a waiting list?
  • How long is the wait?
  • What will the new unit cost to rent?
  • If the room is vacant, can you start moving your items into it early? If so, can you get the key?

Move into your new apartment

If all goes well, you should be allowed to move into your new unit. This is where your decision to move within the same building makes the move a bit easier than a typical relocation. However, don't underestimate all of the work that the move still takes.
  • Take this opportunity to get rid of any useless items you have, even if you know they can fit in your new apartment.
  • You can pack and wrap your items minimally since they won't be on a bumpy moving truck for hours. However, moving blankets may be a good idea to avoid scratching furniture against walls.
  • Give yourself extra time to move all of your belongings if you have to change floors.
  • You won't have to hire a moving truck but you may want to hire professional movers to deal with heavy or complicated items.
  • If you do hire movers, they may charge you extra if they must move things up or down stairs or use elevators.
  • Remember to cancel and restart all of your utilities including cable and internet. Even if you are moving one room down the hall, there is no way for service providers to know where you are once you move out.
  • Remind friends, family, doctors, work, Canada Post, and any other people who mail you anything that you had a change of address, even if it is still in the same building.

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on September 23, 2014 - Moving Expert
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