I'm moving from Mexico to back Canada

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moving from Mexico to Canada

Im a Canadian wanting to move back to Canada but only have a small load of approx. 15 boxes.

Asked by Carol on 5/11/2016 under category International Moving

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Monica Dufour
Answered on 5/11/2016

Hello! Thanks for visiting TopMoving.ca!

It looks like you're in need of an international moving company since you're coming from Mexico to Canada. 

International move
Moving internationally can be stressful to take on alone. You're going to want to find the right movers to pack and deliver your items safely. Here at TopMoving.ca we connect you with qualified international movers that will reduce the chance of complications. You can check out this guide for help moving internationally.

Free International Quotes
You're going to need to compare movers before you make your decision. Luckily, at TopMoving.ca, you can fill out our form to get free international moving quotes online. Since you don't have that many boxes, look around at the different companies and see who gives you the best rate. 

Good luck on your move!

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