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Specialty Movers

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Specialty movers, as the name suggests, are involved in the relocation of delicate items such as pianos, pets, trees, and sports vehicles like jet skis and speed boats. Relocation of such prized possessions require skilled professionals and extra care, which the specialty moving companies can handle.

More importantly, special equipment is needed in the disassembling and reassembling of delicate items that regular movers are not equipped to handle.

Piano movers

Pianos are a cherished possession in any home. Whether it is your granddad's grand piano or an upright piano that you intend to get to your new home, they have a sentimental value and the transportation of these delicate instruments have to be handled by professionals. It is advisable to pick a piano mover that is registered and reputable.
  • Grand pianos - require methodical disassembly
    • The lid, the lyre (containing the pedals) and the legs are removed and packaged
    • These disassembled parts - along with the body of the piano - are covered in moving blankets and strapped to a skid board
    • Extreme care should be taken during reassembly
  • Upright pianos - relocate without much disassemble needed
    • Care should still be taken as their internal machinery is more prone to damage

Tree movers

A favourite tree in your backyard can be shifted and re-transplanted at your new destination. Tree movers employ tree spades that are hydraulic-powered and other equipment to extract, transport and replant trees.

TIP: As the cost of moving a tree is higher, it is a good practise to get multiple quotes and choose the one that best confines to your budget. Post-transplant care options are also available with certain moving service companies.

Automobile movers

Automobile movers specialize in shipping your vehicle in perfect condition to anywhere in the world. Before choosing an auto transport company, check for its credentials with your local Better Business Bureau.

There are three modes of auto transport
  • Open-air trailer - generally the least expensive option
    • Employs the same trucks that are used by car manufacturers to distribute their cars to local dealers
    • On the downside, the car is exposed to the elements
  • Enclosed trailer - more expensive option
    • Best utilized for sports cars and high-end vehicles
  • Drive-away service - least expensive option available
    • Driver drives your vehicle from its origin to its final destination
    • The con with this method is that your vehicle is subject to some wear and tear during the drive to your new home

House movers

House movers specialize in picking up a house from its foundation and setting it down at some other place, sometimes hundreds of miles away. House moving usually takes place due to a building boom in a particular area, or due to natural disasters like floods.

Before choosing a house moving company:
  • Acquire multiple quotes
  • See that the company has the proper licensure and insurance
  • Notifying your mortgage company to obtain the necessary building permits
  • Disconnect the power lines, telephone lines, gas lines and the sewer system

TIP: Movers will provide the insurance coverage for your home, but it is advisable to get additional short-term insurance to cover any damages that may occur during the raising, transporting and final installation of your house.

Pet movers

Pet movers specialize in first-class domestic and international shipping of pets. Careful planning and gentle handling are a must in moving your pet from one place to another.

Their pet relocation services include:
  • Visits to the vet
  • Domestic and international health documentation
  • Boarding and grooming services
  • International Air Transport Association-approved pet carriers

Every country has its own pet import regulations that need to be adhered to. Two points need to kept in mind while choosing a pet mover - their know-how of various regulations and their number of years of experience in handling this service.

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on January 15, 2013

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