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Tips for Moving in the Spring

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Every season comes with moving advantages and disadvantages, even when relocating during the glorious spring months. If you're planning a move in the spring, follow these weather-specific tips to make your move a successful one!

Consider the pros and cons

If you're thinking about moving in the spring, consider the pros and cons below.
  • Pros of moving in the spring
    • The weather is milder than other seasons, making the physical labor aspect less intensive
    • Children (if you have any) will have more breaks from school due to holidays
    • It's easier and less stressful on plants and pets
    • Relocating before peak moving season will help you save money--movers are in lower demand
  • Cons of moving in the spring
    • Rain is a distinct possibility
    • You may have to move away from loved ones during a holiday
    • Waiting until the midst of moving season will result in higher moving costs

Book in advance

The moving season kicks into full swing in May, so it's important to book in advance if you plan to hire movers or want to rent a truck for a DIY move. The sooner, the better!

Alternatively, you can move at the beginning of spring to avoid these problems, as well as negotiate a better rate with your movers.

TIP: Collect your packing materials well in advance of your move. Free packing materials will be harder to locate, but not if you plan ahead.

Check the weather

Spring is known for two things: lots of rain and a high pollen count. It's important to keep an eye on the weather in the weeks leading up to your move so you can plan accordingly.
  • Rainy moving days
    • Lay down plastic sheeting to protect floors from mud and wetness
      • Secure the sheeting with tape
      • Place cardboard on top of this sheeting to limit slippage
    • Wrap items that may suffer rain damage -- such as mattresses -- in plastic sheeting
    • Do not leave cardboard boxes where they can soak up water
    • Be aware of puddles
    • Set up a makeshift canopy to help keep the rain off your belongings
    • Wear appropriate clothing
  • High pollen moving days
    • Stock up on non-drowsy allergy medication and tissues
      • Do not even think about driving the moving truck - people on antihistamines (drowsy or non-drowsy) should not operate heavy machinery
    • Move during the afternoon, when the pollen count is the lowest
    • Seal cardboard boxes securely to prevent pollen from entering them and being transported into your new home

Dress appropriately

Moving in spring can make dressing appropriately difficult, thanks to weather fluctuations. Take note of the weather to avoid this problem and dress based on the forecast.
  • Take advantage of layers - add or remove layers based on the outside temperature
  • Choose clothing that is comfortable and functional
  • Do not wear anything you particularly care about
  • Wear sturdy, closed-toed, non-slip shoes with thick, white socks
  • Hooded clothing, hats and/or ponchos can help with rain on your moving day
  • Invest in gloves to help maintain your grip on possibly slippery belongings

Hire professionals

Don't want to worry about the complications of moving in spring? Book a professional moving crew to take care of your move for you. Simply fill out a free quote form to begin receiving no-cost estimates from movers in your area!

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on April 7, 2015 - Moving Expert
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