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About Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest and the most sparsely populated province. The provincial capital of Prince Edward Island is Charlottetown, which is also the largest city and metro area in the province.

Prince Edward Island is situated in the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the eastern sea coast of Canada. Northumberland Strait splits and divides the province from the other maritime provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

The total area of the province is 5,660 square kilometres or 2,184 square miles. Nothing in the province is more than 16 kilometres from the sea coast. The highest point on Prince Edward Island is at Springton located in Queens County, with an elevation of 152 metres or 466 feet.

The climate of Prince Edward Island is usually mild due to the warm waters around the island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The province experiences warm summers without much humidity, with August as the driest and warmest. Spring is usually comfortable and pleasantly enjoyable. The autumn season enjoys bright and clear skies with warm afternoon temperatures and cooler temperatures in evening. The winters are cold with average temperatures between -3 to -11 degrees Celsius.

As of 2010, the provincial population of Prince Edward Island was 142,266. Queens County is the most populated region in the province with population of 79,959 in 2010.

In 2011, the largest ethnic group in Prince Edward Island consisted of people of Scottish descent, comprising 39 percent of the population. Other major ethnic groups include English, Irish and French with 31 percent, 30 percent and 21 percent respectively. The province also has people of German and Dutch origin.

The province is dominated by the seasonal industries of agriculture, tourism and fishing. It is limited in heavy industry. Along the coast communities rely on shellfish harvesting, particularly lobster fishing, oyster fishing and mussel farming. Prince Edward Island has the highest retail sales tax--in 2008 it was 10 percent, and is applied to most goods and services.

Prince Edward Island is home to one university, the University of Prince Edward Island, located in Charlottetown. There is also a community college with campuses throughout the province.

The public school system has an English language district with a total of 10 secondary schools and 54 elementary and intermediate schools. There is also a Francophone district with six schools covering all grades.

The province has a single health administrative region called Health PEI which receives funding from the Department of Health and Wellness.

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