How to Re-organize the Basement

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Re-organize the Basement

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Basements can easily become a catch-all in your home. If the basement is unfinished and only used for extra storage, it can quickly become cluttered and in need of organization. These tips will help you re-organize the basement so you can enjoy your extra storage and added living space. 

Tackle the clutter

The first thing to do when undertaking any organization project is clear out unnecessary stuff. The basement becomes a place for storing unwanted items you may need down the road, but those items are rarely used and end up collecting dust once they are in the basement. 

To combat the clutter in your basement, you'll need to assess what's down there. Is it all of your seasonal clothing? Is it the children's old toys? Is it your collection of craft supplies and power tools? Sort through everything and decide what can be donated, sold or thrown away. If you hold a garage sale, you might be able to make enough money for a fancy organizational system. 

A place for everything

A common tip for avoiding clutter in the first place is to ensure that every item in your home has a home. A place for everything and everything in its place. In many unfinished basements, the walls may be concrete, which makes them difficult to build on, but they act as a perfect blank canvas for creating your own organizational system.

If your basement has unfinished walls and flooring, you can go the extra step to frame out walls, add sheet rock and insulation or you can just leave it as is and install free-standing shelving systems and/or peg boards.

Label, label, label

Once you have a system that you're OK with in place, you'll need to keep it that way. If you label the shelf or hook where something belongs, you're more likely to put it there when you're done using it. That's definitely a scientific fact right there, you can ask Einstein. Even if you don't put things back right away after using them, you will at the very least KNOW for sure that it has a home. There is a fine line between labelling everything and labelling everything, so be wary of this line and try not to cross it. Stick with the basics, like labelling the shelves, the bins or drawers. 

Choose the right containers

Basements can flood, so it's important to choose the right storage materials. Plastic storage totes and containers are your best bet when it comes to storing items in the basement. They are easy to carry, seal tightly and shield the contents better than cardboard boxes. If you're planning on storing seasonal clothing, vacuum seal bags would also be a wise choice for the same reasons as plastic totes and bins.

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on April 6, 2016 - Moving Expert
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