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How to De-Stress After a Move

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We don't know how many times we can say that moving is stressful, but since it bears repeating: moving is stressful. The last thing you need after all your boxes are loaded into your home is to continue to be a ball of stress -- especially considering all the unpacking that's ahead of you -- so take these tips for how to de-stress after your move into a new home and use them wisely.

Unpack your survival kit

As the boxes are being moved into your new home, unpack and set up the essentials in your first night survival kit so you don't have to worry about doing it later. This will be helpful when it comes time to go to sleep and get up the next morning, as well as fulfilling your basic needs throughout the day.
  • Set up your bathroom(s) - put out toilet paper, hand soap, shower curtains and liners, bath mats, trash bags, hand and bath towels, and your toiletries
  • Prepare the bedroom(s) - make your bed for the evening complete with pillows, pillow cases, sheets and blankets
  • Put out cleaning supplies, trash bags and disposable plates and utensils for use later

TIP: Put off all other unpacking until the next few days, use your after move time to just get out of your head and de-stress.

Hold a mini after-move celebration

Officially moved into your new home? Or rather have all your items inside your home? Wind down from the moving stress with a nice cold refreshing drink (alcohol for legal adults only please!) and congratulate yourself and your movers on a job well done.

The first step toward de-stressing has officially begun. To further reduce stress, play some good music (which is also an option during the moving process) and chat with your helpers about anything other than the move. Sit down and just relax, you deserve the break.

Order food for you and your movers

Now that you've quenched your thirst, it's time to turn to actual nourishment, which you'll probably require after a long and arduous day of moving. Ordering out will help achieve this quickly without requiring you to go grocery shopping or unpack your kitchen.
  • Call a nearby place you've located in the area and order up a meal for you and all the people who helped you move
    • Local establishments can be easily located using online review services like Yelp
    • This is a great way to thank your movers for their help, whether they're professionals or friends and family (even if the paid movers cannot accept due to company guidelines it's the offer that counts)
  • Dinner/lunch time is where those disposable plates and silverware you packed in your survival kit come in handy

Wind down with some entertainment

Further help de-stress and cement in your own mind that your new house is your home by relaxing with your loved ones and enjoying some entertainment -- preferably something mindless like a movie or television show that you'll all enjoy.

If you don't yet have your utilities hooked up (such as cable), a laptop will suffice. Or huddle around a phone or tablet if you're truly desperate. There's also the board game option to consider.

Set aside some "me" time

Moving day is an overloading experience, so take a few moments to yourself to just breathe deeply and enjoy the first breathe of silence you've most likely had all day.
  • Make yourself a nice hot cup of tea to drink
  • Draw a hot bath and soak to help ease your sore muscles
  • Curl up with a good book while drinking your tea or during your bath (because sometimes there's nothing better to soothe a stressful mind than with a little escapism)
  • Take a power nap if there is a lot of time between bedtime and the end of your move

Relax and enjoy your first night

Thanks to thinking ahead, your nightly toiletries and bed will be made when it's ready for you to crash. Relax for the first night in your new home by letting go of all those things you have to do in the next several days, empty your mind of any and all moving related thoughts and just sleep.

You'll probably be so exhausted from the day's move that you won't even have time to stress as you drift off into dreamland.

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on June 26, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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