Learn What to Do When Disassembling Your Bed Frame for a Move

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Disassembling Your Bed Frame for a Move

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Before moving your bed to your new home, you must first take apart the bed frame properly.

Disassembling your bed for your move will be both difficult and crucial--it's an important feature in both your new and old home. It's also a task which takes care and precision, making it more time consuming than other areas of your moving process. If it is done incorrectly, it could mean plenty of sleepless nights, and even having to purchase a new bed. 

To avoid this, follow the tips below to ensure your bed frame is disassembled, packed and moved safely to your new home!


To disassemble your bed frame and move it properly, you will need a few supplies, including:
  • A screwdriver or Allen wrench
  • A plastic zip top bag
  • Moving blankets
  • Movers plastic wrap
  • A permanent marker
  • Packing tape

The disassembly process

Once you have acquired the proper tools, it's time to take apart your bed frame.
  • Remove the blankets, pillows, sheets and other bedding. Put these aside for when it comes time to wrap your bed (see below).
  • Take off the mattress and box spring. Move them out of the way for later.
  • Unscrew the headboard and footboard. Using the necessary screwdriver or Allen wrench (depending on the construction of your bed), remove both the headboard and the footboard from the rest of your bed frame.
  • Pack up the loose pieces. After disassembling your bed, place all the loose pieces (screws, bolts, etc.) into a zip top bag and clearly label on the bag what piece of furniture they belong to. Securely tape this bag to the back of the headboard or footboard so you can easily locate it when it comes time to reassemble your bed at your new home.

TIP: When taking apart a metal bed frame with no headboard or footboard, follow the same process as above but disconnect the frame at the corners to make moving it easier.

Wrapping and packing

Now that your bed frame is taken apart, it's time to carefully wrap, pack and load the components of your bed to be moved to their new location.
  • Pack your bedding. To ensure your bedding does not become water damaged and moldy during your move, wrap all bedding in plastic before packing it in a clearly labelled moving box. You can also vacuum seal bedding to both keep it protected and to save on space.
  • Wrap/pack your mattress and box spring. As with your bedding, wrap your mattress and box spring in movers' plastic wrap (separately) before loading them on the moving truck. Secure the ends of the plastic wrap with tape to prevent unravelling while in transit. For even more protection, order a mattress-sized box for your mattress to be placed in for the move. The same can be done for your box spring.
  • Wrap the headboard and footboard. Protect your footboard and headboard by wrapping them in moving blankets to make sure they do not become scratched or nicked in the moving process. Tape the edges down so the blankets remain in place during the move.
  • Wrap the remainder of the bed frame. As with the head and footboards, wrap the remaining pieces of your bed frame in moving blankets to protect them from damage.

Hire professional movers

Don't want to go through the hassle of disassembling and moving your bed frame to your new home? Hire a professional moving company to do the disassembling, wrapping, packing, loading and unloading of your bed frame for you! Simply fill out this quick and easy quote form to begin receiving free estimates from moving companies in your area.

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on June 24, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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