Tips for Moving a Wardrobe Closet

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How to Pack a Wardrobe Closet

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Wardrobe closets, also known as armoires or chifforobes, are elegant and practical, sometimes antique, standalone closets to store clothes and accessories.  Often made of heavy yet delicate wood, wardrobes require proper planning, careful wrapping, and plenty of strong helpers to safely haul out of your home.

Get help

The first step in moving a heavy piece of furniture is to gather plenty of help. Carrying a cumbersome piece like a wardrobe definitely requires several friends to pitch in--if you aren't hiring professional movers, definitely gather your brawniest pals to lend a hand.

Have the right tools

To get your wardrobe out of your home sans damage or injuries, you'll need the proper tools. An appliance truck makes it easier to get the wardrobe out of your home, especially if you're going up or down stairs. Blankets, duct tape and bubble wrap are important to protect your wardrobe from dings and scratches.

Empty it

To make your wardrobe lighter and easier to move, empty its contents to pack separately. Remove everything from the drawers and cabinets, and make sure to remove hangers or other sharp objects that could scratch the inside of the wardrobe during the trip.

Secure the drawers

Some people remove drawers from furniture to move separately. If you decide keep the drawers in your wardrobe for your move (usually to save space on your truck), make sure they are secure. Replacing the drawers after emptying them also helps keep the wardrobe anchored while on the truck.

Remove glass doors

If your wardrobe has glass doors or shelves, it's a good idea to remove them. Remove the screws that attach the hinges and carefully remove the glass doors. Remember to keep the screws and other small parts in a plastic bag and attach it to the back or bottom of the wardrobe so they don't get lost. Wrap the glass doors in packing paper for protection, and then follow with bubble wrap. You can then either pack the doors in a specialty box or wrap them again in a furniture blanket.

Pad and protect the wardrobe

Keeping your wardrobe's finish protected is possibly the most important step of the moving process. Wrap your entire piece in moving blankets or pads tightly to ensure your drawers are secure. Next, wrap the wardrobe in bubble wrap for extra protection--just remember not to wrap wood with bubble wrap directly. Plastic can trap condensation, especially in hot and humid conditions. Wrap packing tape around the perimeter and the width of the cabinet to hold the wrappings in place. Be sure not to let any tape come in contact with the surface of the wood, or it will destroy the finish. If you have left the doors on the cabinet, you can use large sheets of cardboard to protect them and secure with more tape.

Don't forget the legs

Have a helper tilt the wardrobe for you carefully so that you can secure a furniture blanket around the wooden legs with tape. The legs are often the most vulnerable part of your furniture, so it is imperative that they are protected as well.

Carefully carry it out

Using an appliance dolly will make moving your wardrobe out of your home much easier. Be careful when wheeling it, especially on stairs. Have a few friends help direct you and support the dolly's weight when going up or down stairs. If you opt to carry the wardrobe, make sure to bend at the knees, not the waist, and keep your back straight and upright. Have a helper on hand to direct your path, and make sure you have enough assistance to safely carry the wardrobe out of your home and load it onto the truck.

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on August 10, 2016 - Moving Expert
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