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Moving Tips & Guides
Things Not to Do on Moving Day
Moving day has arrived and you're stressed. This is the day you've been planning for months and it all comes down to this make-or break day. Even if you're fully prepared, you can still mess things up on this one day. Make sure you don't make the following mistakes on moving day.
How to Move a Deceased ...
Whether it is a parent, grandparent, or trusted friend, when someone dies you could be tasked with moving all of their belongings out of their home. This emotional job not only involves the typical challenges of moving, but it also has several legal complications.
How to Cope With Common ...
Moving can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person's life. There is so much that is unknown. Additionally, fear of the process and its logistic compounds the issue. Here are some common moving fears and how to deal with them.

Recent Moving Reviews
Horrible Company - Do not use
Trillium Moving & Storage Services
Most of my stuff made the trip from Winnipeg to Ottawa. Unfortunately I wanted, and had expected, all of my stuff to make. Dealing with this company was a hassle from the second they got my things loaded into their truck. The final price was double what they quoted for a one bedroom apartment. On top of that there were at least two unaccounted for boxes (actually one box and a bag) and my vacuum. When they came to drop off the items they unloaded a chair that wasn't mine, which I quickly pointed out to them. I called them immediately when I noticed items were missing (the bag and vacuum were to easy to spot) and they sent me the paperwork to file a claim. I told them that I wanted the items and asked them to contact the truck and they told me that they could check their warehouse but that the truck had already left to the next location. I followed up by email no less than three times after asking if there was any luck locating my items. They would apologize, tell me they would contact the warehouse and message me when they had a reply and I never heard from them again. I do not recommend.
Review by : Stacy
Posted on : 9/8/2016
Cancelled Last Minute
Centennial Moving Systems
These movers cancelled on me the DAY before they were supposed to show up, even though they had confirmed they were coming just the day before. I already released my apartment and had all my stuff packed and was ready to go and they told me there was nothing they could do. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, they will screw you over. They told me the reason was because they moved someone else the day before and they had more stuff then they were aware of. And instead of bumping that guy, they bumped me because he's a 'repeat customer.' Their customer service was terrible. The person who called to cancel wouldn't speak to me when I asked him questions, not one word. He was just silent on the phone, it was weird. I called back less than an hour later and spoke to the supposed manager, who refused to refund my deposit because I had temporarily booked a new date two weeks later. I ended up having to get the Better Business Bureau AND Visa involved to get my deposit back. Please DO NOT use this company. I was fooled into thinking they were good because they had great online reviews, but they must all be fake!
Review by : Shawna
Posted on : 7/28/2015
Metropolitan Movers
AWESOME SERVICE! My mom is not into computer thing so let me do the review for her. She was impressed w/ the crew and the service. Said it was her greatest move ever, you don't have to instruct them because they work and work and they know what to do with the things carefully. Till next move!
Review by : Elodie
Posted on : 3/7/2014

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