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Pros and Cons of Moving Internationally for Work

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So you just got an amazing once in a lifetime job offer--but it's in another country. That means uprooting your life, leaving behind your friends and family and starting over. Moving abroad for work is no easy feat. Consider your options and weigh the pros and cons to help make the best decision for you and your family.


Developing professional skills in another country is very valuable. It looks great on a resume and your skills as a foreign worker from an educated country could be more important to the country you're staying in. It is especially helpful if you already speak a foreign language, but if you don't it could be a great way to learn a new one.

The cost of living is lower. Western countries are much more expensive than the rest of the world. You'll be able to stretch your savings further elsewhere that you would in your home country. This includes things like housing and transportation which tend to be much cheaper elsewhere. 

The opportunity to start over. Many people welcome the opportunity for a fresh start in a new and exciting place. It can take you away from your old life and the problems that come with it. No one knows you yet so you can be whoever you want. This is probably the most common justification for moving overseas.

Some companies offer incentives. Agreeing to work overseas could bring with it different perks that the employees who stay in Canada don't get. Companies know that moving overseas is not an ideal situation for many people so to compensate, they offer incentives like annual bonuses or free housing to bring people around to the idea. And you'll add even more to your savings.

It will be easier to become a citizen. If you decide that you love your new country, establishing a place of business there makes it much easier to become a citizen or move there permanently.  Many countries have different relocation programs for skilled workers to ease the transition.


Moving is expensive. It's expensive to move anywhere, but particularly overseas. The costs to ship all of your belongings and get yourself there can really add up. You'll have to get rid of everything you can't take with you if you're moving long term. For a short term move, you'll have to pay to keep your stuff in storage. 

Acclimating to foreign culture can be a challenge. It can take months to be comfortable with your new surroundings and the flow of life. It can take even longer if there is a language barrier. Even if you learn about a new culture before you get there, reading about it and living it are very different. However, some countries are more welcoming than others, which will make them easier to adapt to.

Leaving family and friends behind is stressful. Saying goodbye is probably one of the most difficult parts of moving overseas. You'll be able to stay in touch with technology and Skype, but it isn't the same as face-to-face interaction. Once the homesickness sets in, it will be difficult to alleviate over the internet. With all of your loved ones back home, you'll have to build a new support system of friends in your new country.

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on July 29, 2016 - Moving Expert
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