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Using Technology to Help You Move

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Moving is a tricky business, but one tool at your disposal to make the job easier is the technology around you. Whether it's utilizing apps on your phone or finding movers in your area, taking advantage of modern technology is one way to make your move smoother and more stress free.

Search for moving apps

You most likely have your phone on your person on a regular basis, so take advantage of this in-your-palm technology by searching for and downloading some moving apps (some of which are free) to assist you before, during and after your move.

  • Search for an app that helps you calculate the weight of your belongings to get a more accurate estimate when it's time to get your quotes
  • Find apps that help you create moving inventories and keep track of the boxes you've packed
  • Peruse app stores for technology that helps you remember important things to do throughout the moving process
  • Look for apps that allow you to print labels for your boxes in order to easily find ones that go missing during your move
  • Download maps and location tools which help you get to your new home quickly and see what businesses are in your new community
  • Take advantage of design apps to make a floor plan of your home and decide what furniture to put where
    • Technology like this will also help you decide what furniture to leave behind when you move

Get moving quotes online

Before you even begin to think about the moving process itself, start by locating some movers in your area. The easiest way to get some free quotes quickly and reliably is by filling out a form on topmoving.ca with information about your move (including what kind of move and where it will be taking place).

You will then be contacted with up to seven quotes from moving teams close by, all without leaving the comforts of your home.

Research your movers

Once you have your quotes, you can begin looking into the possible moving teams, again by taking advantage of the World Wide Web.
  • Perform a background check on your movers
    • Verify they're a real company through the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM), the Better Business Bureaus of Canada (BBB) and/or the Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA)
  • Search for online reviews to see what other customers have to say
  • Look for the company's online presence and research their policies to help make your decision
    • Remember, a lack of information is just as much of a red flag as a lot of negative feedback

Get advice from people in the know

If you have questions about your upcoming move, there are plenty of moving guides located around the internet which may be able to solve any confusion you have. For example, there are the numerous guides we have available for you here on topmoving.ca, which cover everything from how to find free packing materials to what to do on the day of your move.

Can't find a  guide on your particular question or topic? Ask a Moving Expert for help and more specific information.

Utilize moving checklists from the web

There's a lot to remember when it comes to moving, thankfully you can download to-do lists and checklists from the internet and print them out for your personal use, regardless of if you require a to-do list for things to do after your move or you require an inspection checklist for when you move into a new apartment.

Want to keep it completely digital? Some apps even come built in with tools to help you out with a timeline for when to complete certain tasks and create inventories of your belongings for your move - as we've already discussed above.

TIP: To ensure you don't forget anything, add important tasks into your online calendar and set alerts so your phone reminds you to complete them in a timely manner.

De-stress during your move

As you already know, moving is a stressful time, but you can use technology to help your move slightly less so.
  • Store all pertinent contact information in your phone in case you need to call your movers for any reason
  • Listen to music while you get the moving under way to distract yourself during the manual labor portion of the day
    • Also take advantage of this musical interlude while packing and unpacking
  • Take a break every now and then by checking your social media or watching some entertainment to de-stress
  • Get hungry from all that moving? Look up and order food for you, your loved ones and your movers

Use technology after you move

Of course technology isn't something that just helps you before and during your move, you may also use it to get adjusted to your new neighborhood and even decorate your new home using a wide variety of apps and sources from around the web. Not to mention review your movers and their hard work.

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on June 25, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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