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Cleaning Tips to Save Time and Money

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Cleaning Tips Cleaning your home can be an all-day activity or, if your home is large, it can even take a few days. Whether it takes a few hours or a few days, cleaning your whole house is usually the last thing you want to do. But there are ways to make cleaning your home easier and faster. Here at, we have found some tips that can help you save time and money when it comes to cleaning.


Vinegar has many cleaning uses. From your shower to your kitchen, it can clean nearly anything. Vinegar can save you the hassle of searching and deciding between various cleaning products. Vinegar is also very affordable. Here are just some uses for vinegar:
  • Shower. If you tie a bag of vinegar to your shower head overnight, it will remove water buildup. 
  • Microwave. Heat up a bowl of equal parts water and vinegar for five minutes, let it sit for two minutes, and wipe it down. All the food gunk will come off easily.
  • Blinds. Spray some vinegar on an old sock and clean blinds.
  • Drains. For a natural drain cleaner, put some salt and baking soda down your drain. Then pour some vinegar and it will clean out your drains without harsh chemicals.


Along with vinegar, lemons have multiple purposes for cleaning. You can use lemon to clean your stainless steel sink. Simply cut a lemon in half and rub all over your sink. It can also be used to clean your microwave. Just cut a lemon in half, place both halves in a bowl of water, and microwave for five minutes. The grime in your microwave will just wipe off. If you toss ice cubes with slices of lemon in your garbage disposal, it will clean and sharpen the disposal and smell clean from the lemon.


A large amount of dust can accumulate on your fan blades. If you try dusting them, the dust settles throughout the room, which makes more cleaning for you to do. To save yourself time and energy, you use a pillowcase to clean your fan. Simply spray  dusting spray on the blades and place a pillowcase over each blade. Then press your hand down the length of the blade as you slip the pillowcase off. The dust is now in the pillowcase and not all over your home!


Newspaper is cheap and easy to come by. It also works wonders for your kitchen garbage can. When you take out the garbage, clean the can with vinegar or a simple cleaner. Then, before you replace the garbage bag, line the bottom of your can with newspaper. It will soak up any liquids that make it out of the garbage bag. You can also use newspapers to clean glass without leaving streaks.


Your dishwasher can be used for more than just washing dishes--you can also clean your pet's and kid’s toys. Just stick the toys in the dishwasher (make sure everything is plastic or rubber and has no batteries), add about two cups of vinegar and wash. The toys will be clean and disinfected. 

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on June 28, 2016 - Moving Expert
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