Tips for Cleaning Your New Home Before Move-in

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Keys to Cleaning Your New Home Before Moving In

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Nothing can dampen the excitement of moving into a new home quite like being confronted by a formidable moving mess. The movers or other professional cleaners would gladly do some of the cleaning for you, but for a hefty price. A do-it-yourself approach to cleaning your new home will save you money and also ensure that everything is placed where you want it.

Keep these keys to cleaning your new house in mind if you want to efficiently make your new house look like a home.

Resist the urge to pile

I get it. You have boxes, new furniture, old furniture, and debris all over your house and it would be easy to simply pile like things together in some vaguely designated area. Unfortunately, this often creates more problems since furniture can be quite obtrusive when not in its intended place. If you push everything aside into piles, procrastination can set in, and before you know it, you will have unmanageable piles of stuff. Unpack what you can ASAP and remove all garbage from your home to make the cleaning and sorting processes easier.

Deal with the cardboard boxes

Once you sort through your belongings, you are left with the task of dealing with the resulting stack of cardboard boxes. Boxes are useful for cleaning, but they work best as a temporary means of transportation and can get in the way as you are just moving in.
  • Recycle the majority of them when you get the chance.
  • Break the boxes down and store them for future use.
  • If you are creative, you could use them to create some cardboard furniture.

Clean floors appropriately

If you plan to tear up the old floor and install a new one, don't waste your time sweeping the old one. The dust and mess from tearing up the old floor will make that cleaning job pointless in a matter of seconds. Alternately, if you plan on putting a carpet on an old floor, it would be best to clean that old floor first to avoid sealing dirt that could either cause uneven carpeting or be a hazard whenever that carpet is removed in the future. To give your floors a thorough cleaning, you will need:
  • Broom
  • Dustpan
  • Mop
  • Bucket
  • Floor cleaner (you can make your own or purchase one at your grocery store)
  • Wax (depending on the type of floor you have)

Beware of inherited kitchen appliances

If you plan on using secondhand appliances that come with the house, remember to clean them thoroughly. There is no guarantee that the previous owner cleaned the inside of his oven or refrigerator, even if the outside looks pristine. Be prepared for a lot of work in the kitchen. Remember to read warning labels while using stronger cleaning chemicals as you would not want to damage your new kitchenware or counters.

Be sure to pull the refrigerator, dishwasher, and other heavy appliances out of their spaces to ensure you clean all corners of your kitchen floor.

Place clean furniture on clean floors

Cleaning 101 states that you should clean higher surfaces first since dirt can fall onto lower surfaces. When moving in, this same rule applies, but it is complicated by the fact that furniture is being moved into new places. You don't want to move a dirty piece of furniture on to a clean floor.

You should take the opportunity to clean a floor before covering it up with furniture. It may save time to clean furniture before you move it to its intended location.

After that is done, you can clean the floor around the area you had your dirty furniture and be done with the floor and furniture cleaning process.

Fleas, ticks, and lice-

If you suspect that the previous homeowner or his pets had fleas, ticks, or lice, then carpeted areas become hazards for you or your pets. In this case DIY may not be good enough. There are some chemicals you can buy yourself to deal with these infestations, but professionals are your best bet when you want to be sure that Fido won't catch secondhand fleas.

Get help from your beer and pizza crew

We all know the common tactic of bribing friends into helping you move with beer and pizza (or any other universally appreciated food and drink combination.) If it worked then, why not get everyone back together for a new house cleaning? Depending on how far along you are with the move-in(read: kitchen not unpacked yet), you may need to go out for your beer and pizza. However, paying the tab will satisfy your friends and it will still be cheaper on you than paying for the professional cleaners to do the job.

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on June 17, 2014 - Moving Expert
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