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Excuses to Avoid Unpacking

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The last thing on your mind after moving into your new home is unpacking. We get it--you're tired and just want to relax after a long day of hard work. We totally forgive you if you don't immediately unpack all five million boxes you moved. However, we won't forgive you if you keep using excuses for not unpacking six months later.

Here are a few of the excuses you should avoid using so you can get your new home set up quickly--and make life easier!

"I'm tired."

Of course you're tired--moving is hard work. But unpacking needs to be done or else you run the risk of living out of boxes for the rest of your life. Unless you plan on living in a cardboard city inside your home, just start unpacking. The sooner you start, the sooner you can finish. 

"I have the rest of my life."

Time might be a flat circle, but you need to be able to find your stuff to reclaim some semblance of a normal routine after you move. Unpacking also gives you the opportunity to rearrange your belongings in your new home. No longer do you have to keep everything the way it was in your old home--now you can expand your horizons one room at a time to figure out a new system of organisation. 

"I need to build my furniture first."

While it might be true that you need to build your bookshelves before you can put books on them, it doesn't mean that you can't unpack your other items. In fact, you'll need to unpack other items so that there is room to build your new bookshelves. 

"I didn't bring anything with me when I moved."

Whatever your reason for leaving your old home in a hurry was, maybe you really don't have anything that needs to be unpacked. Maybe there was a giant spider in your living room and you HAD TO MOVE. Or maybe you--well, the only reason we can think of for moving in quite a hurry involves large insects, so we get it. However, now that you're starting from scratch, you're going to need to purchase everything and put it away, so get to it! 

Hire professionals
Regardless of why you moved, unpacking still needs to be done at some point and it's always better if it's done sooner rather than later. If packing or unpacking seems like too much labour for you, hire a professional to do it all for you while you sit with your feet up. Just fill out the quick and easy quote form and connect with moving companies in Canada that can do it all from start to finish. 

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on September 21, 2015

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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