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Adapting to New Routines

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After you finish unpacking and fixing up your house to make it seem more like home, the next and perhaps final part of the moving process is to settle in, and one of the best ways to go about settling in to your new home and the newest phase of your life in an unfamiliar town is to develop a new routine after a move.

Humans are creatures of habit, so we frequently seek out routines to keep us stabilized because they're comforting and familiar. Whether it’s driving to work on the same roads every day, or even going out with friends to the same familiar restaurants and hang-out spots, routines are a good thing.

When you move to a new home in a new town, your normal routines will be all shaken up, so you’re going to have to spend some time establishing some new routines -- these are the best ways to go about doing that.

Get familiar with your town

One of the things that is the most comforting about routines (such as driving to and from work every day) is our familiarity with the area that we live and work in. Knowing the shortcuts to avoid traffic and the scenic back roads and where to go for lunch all play a part in how comfortable and how “at home” we feel in a certain place.

When you move to a new town or city:
  • Take some time to map out the routes you’ll be using most frequently
  • Drive these routes a few times to get to know them and become familiar with the area
  • Take a mental note of the restaurants, banks, stores and coffee shops that you see while driving and remember them
By doing this, you’ll help yourself become familiar with the area, and you’ll be that much closer to feeling at home with your new routine.

Try to organize a schedule

We know that your life immediately after a move can be pretty hectic and chaotic, so it might be difficult to organize your life with all of the commotion that exists between unpacking and settling in to your new house and dealing with hooking up utilities and completing the moving process.

However, once everything in your life slows down a bit and you can finally take a deep breath, restoring some order back in your everyday life should really help you become more comfortable with things and will also help you adapt more quickly to the change.

By having a rough schedule of when you’d like to accomplish certain things throughout the week, for example when you’ll go grocery shopping or to the post office, and when you’d like to go out for dinner with your family, can really help you develop a routine over time.

Keep the old comforts of home

It’s hard to adjust to a new life in a new home, but it’s a lot easier if you have as many old comforts around as possible. Although we all have to adapt to change every now and then and it’s a normal process of life, it’s always a lot easier to do if you keep around just enough of the old and familiar to make you feel comfortable.
  • Did you have a favourite comfortable chair or couch from your old house that you loved sitting in?
  • Set it up in your new house and curling up on it at the end of a long day to watch TV or read a book
  • Cook some of your favorite comfort foods
  • Partake in some familiar and fun activities with your family

Taking on these little tasks will help you to develop new routines and new memories, while still enjoying old comforts of home.

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on January 15, 2013

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