How to Adjust to Living in a New Town

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Fitting In to a New Community

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Fitting into a new community, whether it is a new country, new job or a new network can be a challenging task. Many times we learn from our mistakes about what works and what does not.

Having an open mindset about accepting new things while staying rooted to your identity is the key that will aid you in becoming part of a community.

Research via an email pal

The initial stages you might encounter after becoming a part of a new community is all about learning by observing and fitting in. Learning about your new neighbourhood through an email friend lets you prepare for new customs and traditions that you will encounter after settling in. During this process, you will also earn a friend.

Walk around town

The best way to explore a new place is by ditching your car and walking around the downtown area from store to store while doing some light shopping. You can strike up a conversation with local people about good hotspots and where to get some tasty meals.

Join a church or organization you believe in

Churches and faith communities reflect the age old "welcome to neighbourhood" spirit. Religion and faith serve as a social platform where you can make new acquaintances and meet new people.

Also, helping others by becoming a volunteer in a local nonprofit organization like a home for disadvantaged children, a homeless shelter, or an old-age home is a surefire way to make you feel good about yourself. This way, you are not only helping those in need but also will meet up with other volunteers who share the same interests.

Kids play-dates

Groups of kids at churches and schools will present you with an excellent opportunity to get to know other parents in the community. You can make new friends at a kid's playground while they are exhausting their energies, and you can meet other parents on the sidelines of recreational sporting events.

Community event participation

Participating in a community event like a race, a fair or a walkathon allows you to mingle with others and make some new friends.

Host a "know your neighbour" luncheon

Hosting a luncheon and inviting your neighbours is a proactive way of making new acquaintances and learning more about them.

You can host a variety of games like "know your neighbour" where guests are supposed to answer questions like their pet nickname, most embarrassing moment and other funny questions. Later, these answers can be read aloud so everyone can have a good laugh.

The toughest part of integrating into a community is adapting to new customs and traditions. Accepting the differences, traditions and practises of a community and allowing for two-way communication helps you not only cope with new challenges in a community, but aids you in your journey of knowing more about yourself.

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on January 15, 2013 - Moving Expert
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