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After Your Move To-Do List

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Congratulations, you've officially moved!

Unfortunately, you're not done yet because there's still all the after moving odds and ends to take care of before you are officially settled. Sorry.

On the plus side, within this guide you will find a timeline of all those minor details to handle post-move so you can settle into your new home quickly - and you can cross "make an after moving to-do list" off your to-do list.

Directly after your move

After the bulk of your move is done there may be nothing you want to do more than curl up and rest, but there are some important tasks that need to be performed before you can put your feet up and take in your new house.

You'll thank yourself later for getting it out of the way.
  • Check that no furniture or the walls and floors of your home have been damaged by movers
  • Double check to ensure that all your items have been accounted for (this will be easiest if you took an inventory before your move)
  • Check all appliances and electronics to see that they still run and function properly
  • Empty your survival bag for the next few days (this should include toiletries, medication, a change of clothes and anything else you may need throughout the unpacking process)
  • Unpack your first aid kit, towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and sheets (hopefully you packed these items wisely in a separate see through container so you could locate it more easily)

As soon as possible

The next set of tasks is equally important, but can be completed in the next few days or over the course of several days depending on your schedule.
  • Unpack your belongings and recycle your moving materials
  • Change locks, alarm codes and garage codes
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors and buy fire extinguishers
  • Locate and label your circuit breaker
  • Find where the main water valve is located (just in case)
  • Make sure your house number is clearly labelled on your home and mailbox

TIP: In the event that anything has been lost or damaged, set up a claim through the moving company right away. Most have a time limit on how long after your move you can make a claim. The sooner the better.

Collect your receipts

Plan to deduct your move for work related reasons? You're going to require all your moving receipts and information (such as the Bill of Lading) in one place.

Choose a place to store these documents after your move that you are not likely to forget come tax season.

Confirm set up/set up utilities

If you haven't done so already, set up your utilities and cancel your old ones.

On the other hand, if you've already made arrangements to have them turned on or transferred into your name, check that they are actually working.

Common utilities include:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Cable

Forward your mail

Assuming you haven't already, you can easily purchase mail forwarding through the Canada Post, which is part of their Hold Mail services.

This can be done online or at a Canada Post office where you will determine when you want the service to start and for how long you want it to continue.

While there, also notify them of your change of address.

Update your address

Once you have your new address updated with Canada Post and your mail forwarded, it's time to begin the process of updating your address with family, friends and companies.

Typically, the following people and institutions would be informed of after your move:

  • The bank (also consider ordering new checks with your correct address on them)
  • Credit card companies
  • Insurance companies you have policies with (for your car, home, etc.)
  • Any company you have a loan through (for your car, school, etc.)
  • Any other bills you may receive
  • Newspaper, magazine and mail order services (Netflix, Amazon, other subscriptions, etc.)
  • Your driver's license (also head to the Canadian DMV and get a new license with your new address)
  • Your work information
  • Your children's schools (if applicable)
  • Friends and family
  • Doctors, dentists and veterinarians (again, if applicable)
TIP: Pay attention to the mail that gets forwarded to you in case you missed informing anyone of your move and update them as soon as possible.

Get insurance

If you currently have homeowner's or tenant insurance that you carried over from your old residence, no worries. If you don't, it's time to either set up a policy or find out if your old policy is in effect in your new home.

Get registered

For moves that bring you outside of your old community, you will basically have to hit a reset button on your life and begin anew.

  • In addition to your driver's license and car insurance, you need to update your car's registration information (if switching provinces or territories you will also require new license plates)
  • Register to vote through the Elections Canada site
  • If you have children, register them at their new school

Start settling in

In order to feel more comfortable in your new home or community after you move, it's time to venture out and get acclimated to the area.

This could include meeting your neighbours, discovering the shops and activities in your town or just taking the time to get a feel for the new place you have moved to.

  • Get to know your new neighbourhood (a subscription to the local newspaper could definitely help as could joining a club or organization you're passionate about)
  • Locate brand new healthcare professionals for you, your family and your pets (doctors, dentists, vets, etc. - get referrals from your previous doctors if they know your new area)
  • Join a gym
  • Apply for a library card

Review your moving company

When the remainder of your after move to-do list is taken care of, take the time to review the moving company you used to help others like you find the right moving company for them.

Also, don't forget to take the time to reflect on a job well done. You've earned it.

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on June 10, 2014 - Moving Expert
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