Learn How to Make Your New House Feel Like Your Old Home

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How to Turn Your New House into a Home

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A new residence can be an unsettling thing after a move, especially when you have children and pets, but there are a number of ways to quickly turn your new house into a home for you and your loved ones.

Unpack your belongings

The first step to make your house feel like home is to unpack everything you brought from your old house.

Being surrounded by familiar things will help you quickly adjust to your new settings simply by taking on a task you were going to complete anyway.

To minimize as much stress as possible, unpack and set up your child or children's rooms first.

If you have pets, make them feel at home by setting aside a place for them and surround them with familiar stimuli such as favourite toys and treats.
TIP: Did you especially like the way a certain room in your old home was set up? Organize the same room in your new house in an identical way. After all, if something works, there's no need to change it.

Make yourself comfortable

While packing for your move, you should prepare a survival kit for your first night, which includes several changes of clothes, basic toiletries, etc.

Having these on hand for your first night in your new home will hopefully help you get settled and into a more comfortable routine.

Out of this kit, consider immediately putting out:
  • Day and night toiletries
  • Hand soap
  • Hand and bath towels
  • Shower curtain(s)
  • Toilet paper
  • Sheets, pillows, pillow cases and blankets
Not only is having this stuff prepared one less thing to worry about, it'll also help make the transition to your new home easier.

Set up the necessities

Yet another task on your after-move to do list is to set up your various utilities, which will further cement feelings of home.

There's nothing like a hot shower, a warm meal and a movie after a move to have you feeling at peace.

Assuming you have not done so when you move in, call about turning on:
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Cable

Fill rooms with good mementos

In addition to unpacking your belongings, also take out and display the mementos of your life to make your new home feel more like your old one.
  • Hang and set up family photos throughout your new home
  • Display your artwork on the walls to give things a homier feel
  • Find places for your collections and any memorabilia you may have

Remove that new house smell

Get rid of that antiseptic, super clean new house smell and fill it with familiar scents.

Your sense of smell is directly connected to your memories, so this tactic should flood you with warm and comforting feelings of home.
  • Burn your favourite candle or incense
  • Bake some super delicious foodstuffs
  • Wash your towels and sheets with your usual laundry detergent

Re-decorate your walls

Yet another way to make your new house feel like a home is by painting or treating the walls.

This could either liven up drab, white walls or breathe new life into the previous owner's home design. Either way, you're making your new home your own.

Explore your community

Once your physical home is settled, begin getting to know your community in order to feel more at ease in your area.
  • Check out local restaurants and businesses
  • Take a walk around the area
  • Virtually explore your community
  • Find events happening in your area through the local paper or bulletin boards
  • Talk to people about what there is to do in the neighbourhood
  • Join community-focused groups such as a gym, the library, religious organizations, etc.

Get to know your neighbours

Starting to feel good about the community around you? Say hello to your neighbours and begin making connections with them.

If you're especially shy about meeting new people, start with these few simple tips:
  • Say hello and introduce yourself
  • Ease into the conversation with some simple small talk
  • Keep an open door policy when throwing a house warming party
  • Take part in neighbourhood events such as block parties

Invite over old friends and family

On the off chance that you live within reasonable distance from your old home, invite friends and family over to fill your new place with life and joy.

Creating new, long-lasting feel-good memories will also help cement your relationship with your new home.

After your house is set up, your life falls back into a routine and you begin to make connections, your new home won't be your new home anymore. It will just be your home.

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on June 17, 2014

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