Best Ways to Tell People You've Already Moved

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How to Tell Friends and Family You've Moved

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When you're planning a move, anybody who's close to you probably knows about it. But what about everybody else? Usually, you let your friends and family know about your moving plans before moving day. However, sometimes you might forget to keep certain people in the loop -- either consciously or unconsciously -- and they end up finding out on their own after your move. So, be proactive about it!

These are some of the best ways to tell your friends, family and acquaintances that you've already moved.

Use social media

  • Post an impersonal Facebook status. Though this isn't necessarily the nicest way to let somebody know you've moved, it gets the job done. By simply posting a status on Facebook about your new home, you get the message out to friends and family who use the social media tool. The best part about this method is that it's neither inclusive nor exclusive -- in other words, you're not actively choosing who to tell and who not to tell about the big change (unless your Facebook privacy settings are organized as such).
  • Indirectly tweet about it. Tweeting something as simple as "Unpacking is so frustrating! #MovingProblems" is a great way to let all of your followers know about your recent move. Of course, this may alienate friends or relatives who don't use Twitter regularly.
  • Share a photo on Instagram. This method is effective for the same reasons as the previous two. People previously unaware of your move will mostly comment things like "I had no idea you moved. Good for you!" and "Wow, beautiful home!" It is highly unlikely they'll be offended that you neglected to inform them of this life-changing event, and it's even more doubtful that they'll voice their frustration with you via social media. Again, this method's biggest downside is the same as Twitter's: friends and family who don't use Instagram won't see the photo.

Use your phone

  • Call them. This is a much more personal way of telling somebody you've moved. For this reason, you might only do this if making phone calls constitutes normal behaviour in your relationship. Maybe you're calling just to catch up and you say, "Did you know I moved?"
  • Subtly text a photo of your new home. Again, if this is a standard practice between you and your friend/family member, then a text is fine. Otherwise, this method may seem a bit out of the blue.

Mail them

  • Send a change of address card. For friends and family members who aren't very close to you, this is the standard method of notification. Sending a change of address card lets everyone officially know that you've moved and informs them of your new address for any future mail.
  • Invite them to your housewarming party. This method is the most passive-aggressive. Your friends and family members will receive the invitation -- either via mail or electronically -- and immediately know that you've moved without telling them. This knowledge may make them angry with you, especially since you've waited until after your move to say anything. However, the fact that they've been invited to a party will quickly remedy the situation and all wrongs will have been righted.
  • Send them mail from your new mailing address. This method is definitely the most confusing of the bunch. On one hand, your friend or relative might not even notice your new mailing address. If he or she does notice the change of address, that person may find the mail extremely random. ("A letter? Why didn't they just text me or put it on Facebook?") If you choose to use this method, make sure the mail you send has a legitimate purpose besides just letting them know you've moved. Otherwise, simply send a change of address card or explore other options.

Do it live

  • Tell them in person. Assuming you haven't moved all the way across the country (or out of the country), you can return to your old town to meet up with your friends or family members. If they live somewhere else, then tell them you'll be in the area and schedule a lunch or dinner with them. This is definitely the most personal way to tell somebody you've already moved, so hopefully that person forgives you for waiting until after your move to fill him/her in. Good luck!

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on November 25, 2014 - Moving Expert
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