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Can you move a piano from Clarenville to Arnolds Cove

Asked by Pat on 12/4/2013 under category Moving Companies

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Nicole La Capria
Answered on 12/5/2013

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If you need assistance transporting your piano, you should enlist the services of piano movers.

What are Piano Movers?

Piano movers are moving companies that specialize in the wrapping, handling, moving, and shipping of pianos. Since pianos are not only heavy and cumbersome but also delicate, they should be moved by experienced professionals with the proper materials. Piano movers are often the best choice for moving a piano.

Small Movers

Small movers are moving companies that specialize in relocating shipments under 2,000 pounds--including single items and specialty items such as pianos. If you only require transport for a piano, you may be able to enlist the services of small movers--just be sure to inquire about their previous experience moving pianos.

Can Standard Movers Move My Piano?

Some full-service moving companies may be trained in piano-moving procedures--if you are moving an entire household in addition to your piano, you should ask any moving company you are considering for hire if they are experienced in moving pianos.

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