Overseeing Your Movers on Moving Day

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How to Properly Oversee Your Move

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Even if you've hired movers to take care of all aspects of your move, you don't want to be completely hands off. To prevent mistakes and misunderstandings on moving day, oversee your movers' work without getting in the way!

Protect your floors

Before the movers arrive, protect your floors and carpets from potential damage by laying down plastic sheeting. Is it raining? Provide mats and towels for your movers to dry off.

Direct traffic

Moving out of an apartment complex or busy neighbourhood? Show your movers where to park and the best path they can take when moving your belongings. Do the same when they move stuff into your new home.

Watch their work

Without being overbearing, watch your movers as they work to make sure everything is being done correctly and your items are being handled with care. Are fragile items being transported carefully? Is furniture wrapped in pads to prevent damage to walls? Are belongings being loaded properly in the moving truck?

Do a walkthrough

Once all your belongings have been put on the moving truck, do a final walkthrough of your old location and make sure the movers did not leave anything behind.

Arrive before the movers

Once the move out phase ends, it's time to start the move in process. Be sure to arrive at your new home BEFORE your movers do so they can get started right away.

Stay out of the way

While overseeing your move properly is important, your guidance should should not stop the movers from doing their job. Keep children, pets and yourself out of the way along with any debris which may hinder their progress.

Show your appreciation

A little bit goes a long way. To thank your movers for all their help, and for putting up with you watching them work, provide food and refreshments and don't forget to tip the entire crew!

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on February 24, 2016

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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