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Tips for Moving in the Rain

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Moving is a stressful enough task without rain making things even more difficult. Thankfully, it's not the end of the world should your moving day turn into a damp one. We hope you don't get rained out, but if you do, follow these tips to deal with the inclement weather!

Track the weather report

While predicting the weather is not an exact science, one easy way to be prepared for rain or adverse weather conditions is to keep your eye on the local report.

Wear appropriate clothing

Is rain falling? Dress appropriately to avoid injury.
  • Shoes - sturdy, close-toed, non-slip shoes are a must
  • Socks - protect your feet even further with white, fluffy socks to prevent blisters and stay dry
  • Gloves - invest in gloves for a firmer grip in slippery conditions
  • Headgear - a hat or hood will keep water out of your eyes
  • Rain gear - ponchos may look silly, but it's worth it to have a few on hand just in case
  • Extras - pack a change of clothes and towels for drying off later

Cover your floors

Before the moving starts and helpers track water and mud in your home, tape down plastic sheeting on hardwood and carpets. Add pieces of cardboard on top of your plastic sheets to prevent movers from slipping.

Be careful

Is the rain particularly heavy? Are there high winds? Thunderstorms? While you may not be able to wait all day to proceed with your move, you can take a break and wait out dangerous periods until the sky clears up a little bit.

TIP: After a rainstorm has ended, be aware of puddles and walk cautiously to avoid slipping.

Protect your belongings

Wrap and pack your furniture and items appropriately to avoid damage.
  • Cover wooden furniture in paper pads and plastic wrap to avoid water damage and warping (always use paper as a barrier between wood and plastic wrap to protect wood from trapped condensation)
  • Upholstered furniture and mattresses should also be covered in plastic to avoid wetness which could lead to mold
  • Place appliances and electronics in wrapped boxes
  • Do not leave cardboard boxes sitting in the rain or on wet surfaces, move them right from your home onto the moving truck
  • If feasible, set up a makeshift canopy to keep your belongings dry during your move

Hire professionals

Does the prospect of a rainy moving day have you worried? Fill out a free quote form to get no-cost estimates for movers in your area who can handle everything for you!

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on July 15, 2015

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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