Learn Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Old Home

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Say Goodbye to Your Old Home

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It's time to wave goodbye to your old home and hello to your new one, but before you think about all the moving tasks ahead of you, you should take the time to give your old house a proper send off.

Here's how to say “so long,” “farewell,” “auf wiedersehen,” and “goodbye” to your old home before your move.

Host a goodbye party

You've heard of a housewarming party, just think of this as a house leaving party for you, your family and your former place of residence.

This a great opportunity to part ways with your soon-to-be old home and a perfect way to get all your local friends and neighbours together to say goodbye to them as well.

TIP: While everyone is gathered in one place, hand out the information about your new address.

Say farewell to your usual haunts

If your move is taking you far away from your current community, take the time to say farewell to the area by visiting some of your favourite places before you head off to explore another area.
  • Have one last meal at your absolute favourite restaurant
  • Visit your preferred local store
  • Take a walk around your park of choice
  • Swing by the local hair or nail salon, gym and library one more time

Finally do that thing

In the same vein, also use this goodbye time when moving away to finally getting around to doing that thing you've been planning to do the entire time you lived in the area.
  • Check out that fusion restaurant you've been meaning to try
  • Head into that weird shop you always promised yourself you would go into
  • Visit that place everyone is always talking about

Take photos

Snap some photos of your home just the way you remember it.

The old adage is that memories last a lifetime, but take some photos of your house just in case, making sure to print out and save multiple copies to be on the safe side.

Shoot a video

For even more serious memories, shoot a video on a camera or phone to remember what it was like walking through your house.

Depending on how in-depth you want to get, film the video from your perspective or ask a family member to help. You can even narrate as you go from room to room.

Grab a memento

Want something more tangible than photos and video? Take the time to save something from your home that will remind you of the good times.
  • A flower or a rock from the backyard or front yard
  • A piece of that wallpaper you love but can't take with you
  • The key to the front door
  • A notable doorknob or drawer pull
TIP: Put all your memories in one place by creating a scrapbook of your old home. Make sure to use the photos you took before your move, any old photos of good memories that happened in your home and include any mementos you may have grabbed.

Leave a note

Perhaps you and your home have been together a long time and you want to say goodbye with words but don't know how to say them out loud. Assuming this is the case, consider leaving a note.

Write out your note and hide it somewhere within the house.
  • Under a loose floorboard
  • Behind a baseboard
  • Inside a closet
  • Out in the garden
  • A hiding place that has special meaning to you
You can also write a sentimental note on a wall and paint over it, ensuring that the message stays there for as long as your old home stands.

Just relax

The night before your big move, take the time to relax and breathe in your home one last time before the craziness begins.

Not only will it provide a sense of peace and calm before you have to get into the swing of moving, but it will give you one final opportunity to say goodbye to the house that you called a home.

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on June 17, 2014

TopMoving.ca - Moving Expert
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