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Teens Relocating with Parents

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Sometimes, there is no way to avoid moving. No matter how much your family or children oppose the move, it may be inevitable. Whether you are transferring for your job or moving for a different reason, making sure your teenagers understand and accept the reason is a vital step in the moving process.

There are plenty of resources explaining how moving affects children, but teenagers are a different story. Below, we will detail the various ways teens will struggle with the moving process and the methods you can use to facilitate the change.


Many teenagers may be hesitant to move because they see it as a disruption to their lives. Moving would mean leaving behind friendships and relationships with people with whom they've grown comfortable. You must also take into account any activities or teams your child is part of that might contribute to these feelings. Most teens will not want to leave a sports team or club in which they've earned respect and a prominent role.


If you have a teenager, then you know that high school is a tough time. No high school is the same, so transferring schools can get tricky -- especially if it's mid-year. Besides having to make new friends, your teen will feel overwhelmed in school. Keep in mind that schools structure classes in different ways and schedule curriculum differently, so your child might need to learn information twice or play catch-up on missed assignments.


Teenagers have a wide range of emotions, and they may experience the full spectrum during the moving process. Teens tend to resist the idea of a move and may act out as a result. It's important to hear them out and understand where they are coming from when they voice their concerns.


It's no secret that moving can affect the mental health of teenagers. Teens are in the process of growing into the person they want to be, and part of adapting to these changes is developing a comfort zone as a constant. Moving rips them right out of that environment and removes the constant from their lives that has allowed them to adapt to other changes. With a move, teens must now continue to deal with their own inner changes while adjusting to life in a new environment. Increased stress at school or home during this adaptation process can lead to depression, so it is extremely important to monitor your teen's progress carefully during this transition.

How to combat these problems

The best way to address these concerns is to keep your teenager involved in the moving process. Make sure your child knows what is happening when your family first decides to move, and be there to discuss the move openly and honestly. Allow your teen to pack his or her own belongings and reassure him or her that moving doesn't mean leaving everything else behind. Schedule trips for your teenager's friends to come visit your new home once you're settled in, or allow your child to take a trip back to visit friends. Either way, keeping in touch with friends from his/her hometown is a must.

Research the school your teen will be attending and meet with administration to discuss curriculum. This way, your teen can be prepared before his or her first day at the new school. If your child is a member of a sports team or club, allow him/her to get involved as soon as you've settled into your new home. Again, keeping your teenager involved in the moving process from start to finish is a great way to avoid major problems, and it's also a good way to closely monitor how your child is dealing with the situation.

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on October 24, 2014

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