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40 Days To Go:

  • Confirm your Moving Date
  • Arrange for a Shipping Consultant for your Moving Cost Estimation
  • Enquire about Added Value Services or Products with your Moving Companies
  • Ensure you give your Moving Consultant your AIR MILES Collector Number
  • Check for the Names and Dosage of Medications with your Doctor, if you are taking any
  • Check whether they need to be Renewed or not
  • Cancel or Transfer your Club Membership, if any
  • Call the Salvation Army or any Charity to collect Unwanted Items
  • Schedule your Farewell Visit to your Relatives and Friends.
  • Request for a Neighborhood Kit to accompany you to your new home

30 Days To Go:

  • Inform your Post Office and Get your New Postal Code
  • Arrange for Mail Forwarding
  • Send Change of Address Card
  • Ask your banks to Transfer Your Accounts at the nearest branch of your new home
  • Ensure to have a Pre-authorized Payment Ready through Credit Card or check if you need to pay for your own move
  • Arrange Safety Deposit Boxes at the new location
  • Make arrangements to have Utilities Disconnected
  • Contact the Utility Services at your new house to arrange services connected
  • Request the Telephone Company to connect the service before your arrival to the new house
  • Check your Policy to ensure that it covers a Long Distance Move

15 Days To Go:

  • Return your Library Books
  • Return your Movie Rentals
  • Return all your Borrowed Items
  • Collect all the items that are given to friends for Cleaning, Repair and Storage
  • Collect all the items borrowed by your friends
  • Prepare a Floor Plan for your new home
  • Prepare menus to finish the Stock of Frozen and Canned Foods
  • Plan a Going-away Party for your children and their friends
  • Start Packing if you have plans for any
  • Ask for a copy of Do-It Yourself Packing Guide from your Movers.
  • Arrange for Special Care for your Pets, Children and Friends during the hectic days of Packing and Loading

7 Days To Go:

  • If you need to reserve any Hotel or Motel for your Trip, Confirm it
  • List out the Items that you will require immediately at your new house like, Flashlights, Light Bulbs, Cleaning Supplies, Toilet Paper, Snacks and Drinks
  • Pack them last and Unload them first
  • Keep aside and Label the Items that you do not want to be packed
  • Drain Fuel from the Lawnmower and Other Machinery
  • Dispose Safely Gasoline, Matches, Aerosol Cans and Paints
  • Take down Blinds, Curtains, Rods, Shelves and Mirrors
  • Remove the Carpet of your room
  • Keep all the Foods, Plates and Utensils required on the Day of Moving separately
  • Use them and then pack them on the Day of Moving
  • Organize your Moving Documents
  • Organize the Valuables that you will carry with you
  • Do not forget to pack the Phone Book

The Move Day:

  • If you are not moving your pets with you, then handle them personally to a Transportation Agency of Boarding Kennel
  • Ensure that you List down the Items that need Special Attention, by the time, Packers Arrive
  • While Packing, Ensure that your or your family member makes a check again the overlooked Cabinets, and Storage Areas for anything forgotten
  • Verify the Number of Cartons, before signing the Certificate of Packing and Unpacking
  • Be Present or Nominate somebody to take your Place when the Moving Crew arrives
  • Ensure that the Identification Numbers on the Tags match with that on the Inventory List
  • Keep the Items separately, that you don't want to be Loaded
  • Clarify all your Moving Process Questions with your Driver
  • Identify Items that are needed immediately, after the move, and get them Loaded Last and Unloaded First by the Driver
  • Keep a copy of the Inventory List and keep it along with your Moving Documents, once you sign it.
  • Check with proper attention for the Declared Value Section and your Destination Address before signing the Bill of Lading
  • Inform the Driver about your specific Contact Information, when your shipment reaches your destination
  • Ensure that you carry valuables like Money, Jewelry and Bond along with you.

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