Learn How to Pack an Essentials Kit For the First Night After Your Move

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Preparing a First Night Survival Kit When Moving

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After you finally move all the furniture and boxes into your new home, you'll most likely be too tired to do much of anything past the necessary items on your after move to-do list. If that. That is why it is imperative that you prepare a first night survival kit for you and your family to use once the moving is over and done with.

Here's what to take into consideration when packing a first night survival kit for...

Your home

Pack anything and everything that you and your family may need the first night and the next day in your new home. Think about all the rooms and possible necessities when packing for your new house.
  • Toilet paper for any and all bathrooms 

  • Hand soap to wash your hands 

  • Cleaning supplies (including paper towels) to take care of any messes or unwashed items in your new home

  • Shower curtain(s) so you and your family are able to clean up after a long day 

  • Towels for drying hands and when getting out of the shower 

  • Bathmat(s), although a towel could also do double duty for this job 

  • Sheets, blankets, pillows and pillow cases to make your beds for the evening 

  • Garbage bags to take care of trash 

  • Disposable plates and utensils for when you inevitably order out for the first time in your new home

You and your family

Consider collecting all the items your family would pack if they were staying overnight in a hotel.
  • Clothes to sleep in for that night and the next few days assuming you don't get to unpack clothing until later 

  • Toiletries for the evening and daytime, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, makeup, face wash, etc. 

  • Medication for general use and if anyone in your family takes medication on a daily basis 

  • Chargers for cell phones, laptops and other electronics you will or may have on you

Your kids

Chances are moving is stressful to your children - even if they aren't old enough to comprehend what moving means.

To make them feel as comfortable as possible, bring plenty of activities for them to do which keep them out of the way and distracted enough for you to get the moving necessities done.
  • Toys from your old home to make your children feel at home in their new one 

  • Entertainment to keep them busy while you get settled and unpack (examples include video games, DVDs, coloring books, etc.) 

  • Snacks to hold them over until you have time to order dinner

Your pets

Much like younger children, pets will be confused and bewildered by the change of scenery and different smells in your new home.

In order to better acclimate them to this new environment, pack them things that feel familiar, as you do when your pet is being moved.
  • Toys from your old location to give them a sense of familiarity 

  • Treats to reward them for a successful move 

  • Food and water dishes to put them back on their routine in a new location 

  • Food for a day or two in case you have to hold off on going grocery shopping

How and where to pack

To locate your first night survival kit as quickly as possible, pack all your overnight essentials in a clear plastic container (or several depending on how much you will be bringing along) and load them into your car for easy access later.

If for some reason your overnight items get misplaced in the hustle and bustle of moving, you will be able to locate them more easily thanks to the see-through container.

Long distance moves

Moving over a long distance? Pack the survival kit into the back of your moving truck in a clear container and make sure it goes on last.

Not only will your kit be unloaded first, but you'll be able to put it somewhere it won't get lost so you can locate it quickly and easily when you require it later in the evening.

TIP: For really long distance moves that require airline travel, bring first night survival essentials in your luggage so you will be able to access them immediately upon arriving in your new home.

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on June 13, 2014

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