I have a toolbox weighs about 400lbs .it measures

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I have a toolbox weighs about 400lbs .it measures 4feet long three and a half high and 30 inches wide . you need a tailgate lift ?

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Asked by Kelvin on 2/24/2015 under category Moving Companies

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Mike Sannitti
Answered on 2/24/2015

Thank you for visiting Topmoving.ca! Let me help you with your question about moving a large toolbox.

Be careful
Your toolbox certainly sounds like a challenge to move with its wide dimensions and 400 pounds of weight. Without any additional equipment, two to four men are needed to attempt to lift something that big. A tailgate lift would help you move it, but I would advise against trying to do it on your own. Something that large is potentially dangerous and if you don't have a tailgate lift that is rated for that kind of weight, you should hire a professional moving company.

Professional movers
Professional movers have experience lifting and moving heavy objects. A good company will either use an appropriate number of movers to lift the box, or provide their own tailgate lift to safely load it onto a truck. The cost of this service should be less than the cost of buying your own tailgate lift.

Choose the right company
To find a good moving company that can provide this service, you need to contact multiple movers. First, Fill out a form at the top of our homepage, and click on "Compare Movers." You can then access our database of available moving companies in your area. Use the provided contact information to ask multiple companies about moving your toolbox.

Try to get at least three different estimates from separate companies to ensure that you get a fair price. Once you find a company that has the best service and price, you can have them move your toolbox worry-free. 

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