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Primer on Packing Materials

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Packing is the scientific process of preparing your household goods for transport, warehousing and reuse.

Packing materials are a crucial element in the relocation process as they keep your belongings safe and secure. It is essential to have enough of these materials handy while you are preparing for a move.


Boxes are an integral part of any moving process. They are made of cardboard and are known for their durability. They are cheap and come in different sizes. They are very much suitable for transporting your household goods. There are different types of boxes based on their functionality.
  • Wardrobe boxes: also called portable closets, they are useful in transporting hanging clothes, they are structurally designed to contain a bar on top where you can hang your clothes
  • Extra-large boxes: these are useful in storing small furniture, lampshades and comforters
  • Large boxes: disassembled furniture, clothes, and linen can be packed in these large boxes, care should be taken not to overstuff them
  • Kitchen boxes: kitchen boxes come in a wide variety to accommodate various kitchen items
  • Specialized boxes and padding: are needed to pack fragile items like glassware and china, it is a good practise to label the box containing these delicate items: 'FRAGILE'
  • Medium-sized boxes: these boxes are highly versatile and can store anything from pots and pans to pillows, toys and other such miscellaneous things
  • Picture boxes: cardboard picture boxes are flat and highly suitable to transport picture frames, mirrors and artwork, they keep your pictures safe and secure during transit
  • Lamp boxes: as the name suggests, these boxes are suitable for lamps, their tall and narrow shape secures the lamp and prevents it from any damage occurring during the move
  • File boxes: these are small in size and are useful in transporting documents and papers
Boxes are classified as follows based on size dimensions.
  • Small boxes: boxes with a volume of about 1.5 cubic feet (0.0424753 cubic metres) are ideal for packing fragile items like glassware, china, canned food, kitchen spices and DVDs
  • Medium boxes: boxes with a volume of 3.0 cubic feet (0.0849505 cubic metres) can hold just about anything, they are very popular with the movers
  • Large boxes: boxes with a volume of 4.5 cubic feet (0.127426 metres) are suitable for heavy items, they can accommodate a range of products from clothes and linen to disassembled furniture
  • Extra-large boxes: boxes with a volume of 6.0 cubic feet (0.169901 cubic metres) can accommodate those items that don't fit into large boxes

Cushioning materials

Goods need to be cushioned or padded properly to protect them from any damage occurring while in transit.
  • Newspaper can be crumpled and used to cushion corners in boxes (t can also be used to wrap goods)
    • Caution should be taken not to wrap your china with newspaper as it has a tendency to stain the item
  • Moving blankets are used to wrap compact electronic items and furniture
  • Bubble wrap is used to wrap large pieces of furniture to prevent the occurrence of any scratches or dents
  • Mattress covers are used to protect the mattress from dust and grime while in transit
  • Plastic stretch wrap is used to wrap boxes, furniture and especially electronic items, to keep them moisture-free

Labelling materials

Labels are an integral part of the move and help you identify the contents of the boxes without opening them. A couple of good black markers should be kept handy for writing on labels. Packing tape or a tape dispenser should be used to seal the boxes.

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on January 15, 2013

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