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Dealing with Military Moves

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When you’re in the military, you know that you’ll be moving around. On a Permanent Change of Station (PCS Move), you and your family must uproot their life and move to a different place. It can sometimes become stressful when you’re constantly moving from new place to new place, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to help deal with military moves.

Keep calm

It can be unnerving to uproot your whole life and move it to a whole new location, but you shouldn’t see it as a bad thing. It should be something you see as a new adventure. You will get to see a whole new area and experience things you may have never experienced before. It’s good to take a deep breath and look at the positive aspects.

Meet new people

A great way to transition into a new area is to the meet new people and find out things to do in the area. Introduce yourself to your new neighbours. Ask where the best restaurants are and where to get a great cup of coffee. You can also go the local library and find events in the area. 

Keep in touch

Moving to a new place doesn’t mean you’ll never see your old friends, coworkers, and nearby family. Technology is so advanced that you’ll feel like you didn't leave. There is social media, like Facebook and Twitter, where you can talk to someone with a click of a button. You can also use programs like Skype or Facetime, and talk to your friends face to face. Of course, a simple text or a phone call goes a long way. 

Find support

Going through a military move, whether it’s the first or the tenth, can be draining emotionally and psychically. If you’re feeling upset about the military moves, you can try and find a local military support group. These support groups will help you transition easier into your new life because they are going through the same thing. You can find local support groups by asking around or checking Facebook.

Dealing with kids

Kids have a hard time relocating, especially if it’s often. The best way to help transition them is to let me know as soon as you can, so they can begin to prepare. They will probably be upset but that’s okay. When you move, let them explore the neighbourhood. Try to find events that are kid friendly, so they can start to make new friends. It’s going to be hard moving but if you have each others' support, it will be that much easier. 

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on June 10, 2016 - Moving Expert
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