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How to Ask for Moving Help

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It may be a tad awkward to ask for help with your move from friends and family if you choose not to hire a moving company, but chances are your loved ones would be more than happy to help make the moving experience a less stressful one. Or just happy to earn a guaranteed return favour from you on a future move.

Decide who you want helping

Moving day is coming and you have to decide whose help to enlist for your upcoming move, and trust us, there's a lot more to consider than who is the biggest and strongest of all your loved ones.

Think about asking:
  • Close friends and family who wouldn't mind the request
  • Strong people with a lot of endurance
  • Someone who will help get the job done with minimal complaints
  • People who will keep you calm and collected throughout the move

Tell them you're moving

Before you do anything related to actually finding moving help from your loved ones, you first need to tell your friends and family you're moving. You know, before jumping the gun and requesting their help with your move.

When informing immediate friends and family of your move, break the news to each person in a different way. Or more specifically, in a way that person will handle the best.

  • Consider the best way to tell this individual you are moving
    • Solo, in a group, in a quiet place, in a public place, etc.
  • Do a practise run of the conversation in your head to mentally prepare
  • Sit the person down and explain the reasoning behind your move
  • Promise to keep in touch regardless of distance
  • Ask if they would be interested in helping you move

TIP: Give helpers at least two weeks notice of your move, don't wait until the last minute to ask for moving help or inform loved ones of your moving status.

Promise to repay the favour

One of the better ways to convince someone to help you move (not that your friends and family wouldn't feel obligated or want to help anyway) is to promise to return the favour one day.

Think of it as quid pro quo, something for something. They help you move now and you promise that in the future you will help them move as repayment.

Make moving day simple

On the day of your move, make things as simple as possible for your helpful loved ones. Remember, unlike professional movers they are not paid to do the job, they're doing it out of love for you. Also because maybe they want free moving help out of you in the future.

Regardless of the reasoning, there are some steps to take to help your helpers.
  • Have all your belongings packed and ready to be moved
  • Boxes should be properly labelled to avoid confusion
  • Have moving vehicles and equipment prepped and ready for use
  • Assign each person a task so they know what they're doing for the majority of the day
  • When possible, have extra work gloves on hand to give out if needed
  • Keep your cool and don't get angry at your friends and family, they're only trying to help
  • Provide periods of rest with snacks and refreshments to avoid exhaustion

Thank them for their help

You can also show your appreciation for your friends and family's help by thanking them for their hard work in both tangible and intangible ways.
  • Celebrate a move well done with food ordered from within your new community
  • Propose a toast to your new home and all the loved ones who assisted in moving you
  • Actually take the time to say "thank you" to everyone who helped you move
  • A physical thank you note also would not go amiss
Most importantly, don't let asking your friends and family for moving help be one more thing that adds to the stress of your move. All kidding aside, your loved ones will be more than happy to assist, with or without getting anything in return.

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on July 15, 2014

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