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Comparing Storage Unit Pricing

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Storage is often a necessary part of the moving process. You may be unable to move some items to your new home but are unwilling to part with them. Maybe your new home can't fit all of your belongings. Perhaps your home needs some preparation before your belongings can be moved in. Whatever the reason, storage is another moving expense that you're going to want to find the best price for.

Moving companies' storage

Some moving companies offer temporary storage options for your belongings if they can't be unpacked immediately after the move. This is not the same as self storage, but can be a cheaper option than involving a separate company. Storage will likely be cheaper if included with a moving company's services but be sure to check all the pricing options available before committing to anything. Here are some things to remember about using moving companies' storage options:
  • Moving company storage is generally meant to be short term storage. The facilities are not designed to keep your belongings safe for extremely long times. However, it is not unheard of to store things with moving company storage for five years, but that is on the longer end of the spectrum.
  • You will not usually have access to the storage facilities. Unlike self-storage, moving companies' storage facilities are on their own property and usually their workers are the only ones who can access that area. That means you need to call the company and have them move your belongings to you if you want access to them.
  • Portable storage is sometimes a cheap option. A container can be left at your property for you to load and unload as you see fit.
  • Be sure to enquire about the insurance options for the movers' storage. The moving insurance could cover your belongings while they are in a moving company's storage facility, but sometimes new insurance is required. The length of time you keep your items in storage could make the cost of insurance climb.
When choosing your moving company, be sure to ask about any available storage options. Inquire about how much additional cost these services will require and be prepared to compare the additional charge to the cost of employing a third party self storage facility. It is unlikely that you'll find a cheaper combination of self storage and moving services between two companies, but it never hurts to check.

Self storage companies

There are some advantages to hiring a self storage company for your storage needs. However, this option is usually the pricier of the two, but if you have items that need more protection, investing in self storage may be a necessary expense. You can lease a storage unit long term, or pay a monthly fee for short term storage until you pick up your belongings.

  • Self storage facilities are designed to hold your objects for as long as you like. Longer time periods will drive up the cost, but you usually can rest assured that your objects are being kept safe. Self storage facilities usually have climate control and higher levels of security to keep long term storage contents safe.
  • If you want your items insured in self storage, you need to buy separate insurance. Moving companies' movers' insurance will not cover items placed in third party self storage containers.  Some pre-existing insurance on your possessions may carry over to storage, but be sure to contact your insurance provider to make sure.
  • For a price, self-storage facilities can store more vulnerable items like wine and cars. Some moving companies may offer these services, but they are much more common in independent storage companies.
  • You will have access to your belongings at any time. That's what makes it "self storage." You have the key/code/identification necessary to access the container yourself as opposed to needing the moving company to retrieve it. Some long term storage companies do need some warning for you to access your belongings, but it is usually still you retrieving them in person. 

Get the best deal for your needs

No matter whom you chose to store your items with, the quality of the storage facility, the size of your storage space, and the time it must be stored will all increase the price of the services as they increase.

Long term storage of a large vehicle that needs climate control and good security is simply going to cost a lot more than short term storage of small durable items that need little security or temperature regulation.

Like most purchases, you will want to find your own line that balances low prices with an acceptable level of safety afforded for your valuables. Make sure you check multiple prices from multiple companies and check the storage area yourself to make sure it looks clean, secure, and professional.

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on August 5, 2014 - Moving Expert
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