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Moving Myths Debunked

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Relocating from one place to another is tedious and exciting, as you are getting ready to wrap up your life at your present location, you are also preparing to start fresh at another place. However, certain preconceived misconceptions regarding professional movers still exist.

We have debunked a handful of them for you below.

Myth 1: Movers are all the same

All movers are not the same.

Research, moving estimates and homework are the first line of defense against hiring fraudulent movers. It is a good practise to check the credentials of a mover with the Canadian branch of the Better Business Bureau before hiring a mover. Very low moving quotes might indicate rogue movers who may not show up on moving day or may keep your belongings as hostage to extract more money from you.

Myth 2: Planning is not required

All reputable moving companies vouch for the fact that the most crucial part of moving is planning. Proper planning allows you to have a smooth transition and saves you time and money.

Myth 3: Self-packing

Partial or full packing services are offered by moving companies as part of their full moving services. You have the option of doing your packing with the supplies provided by the movers.

Myth 4: Boxes are boxes

Boxes supplied from professional movers are made from cardboard and are more durable and can handle a wider range of items from china to electronics to books and other household goods. Different categories of boxes cater to different types of household items. For example, dish-pack boxes are suitable for dishes. Regular grocery store boxes are susceptible to wear and tear.

Myth 5: Labelling boxes is unnecessary

Labelling boxes properly will save you a lot of headaches while rearranging things in your new household. It will also help the movers keep the boxes in their respective rooms.

Label the box on at least two sides and on top with a brief outline of its contents. "Open First" boxes for each room containing the essential items of that room should also be made.

Myth 6: No bill payment until complete unpacking

This is one of the biggest misconceptions related to the moving industry. Professional moving services and labour are the products that you are purchasing from the moving company. Before the unloading of your belongings, every moving company expects a complete payment.

Myth 7: Movers are day labourers

A reputable moving company does not hire day labourers and conducts thorough background checks before hiring employees for their moving services. It is better to ask about their hiring practices before committing to a moving company.

There are also certain moving companies that do not have standards in their hiring practices.

Myth 8: Riding with movers

As per rules, you are not allowed to ride with the crew if you are not employed with the moving company. Moreover, commercial trucks are not insured to be passenger-type vehicles. Riding with the movers will only send the wrong message that you do not trust them.

Myth 9: Moving insurance covers everything

A majority of insurance companies cover only a portion of what is being moved. Insurance would be basic with the amount as low as a dollar based on the weight of your items, or you can get a full value protection plan from a third party insurance company or the moving company itself. You have to educate yourself about the company's insurance policy before hiring them.

As per government regulations, several insurance options are required and are mandatory.

Myth 10: Movers will move anything

Also false. Moving companies are prohibited by law from transporting items like aerosol cans, ammunition, and live plants.

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on January 15, 2013 - Moving Expert
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